(It’s) Bedtime F̶o̶r ̶, Bozos

Alright, ingrates [1], that’s your lot for today; I’m tired now and have better things to do with my time than waste any more of it on your sorry carcasses — so, screw you guys … I’m going to bed.

[1] I know … not up to my usual standard and normally I’d make more effort to insult you appropriately [2] but, frankly, I think I’ve done more than enough today and can’t be bothered — not for you losers.

[2] Outlining the miserable realities of your sad, tawdry little lives … expounding upon the lamentable fact that too many people have pissed in the genepool from which you were spawned … and holding up in the harsh light of the Truth the fact that, even given all your inherited shortcomings and unfortunate background, you are inexcusably pigshit thick, ignorant wastes of space without whom the World would be a far, far better place … the root, in fact, of all that is wrong with the World, with no redeeming features or justification for your way of being, no matter how hard I scrape the underside of the barrel looking for some excuse for you!

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