Very nice! Not sure I’ve ever seen that before!
Stephen M. Tomic

It’s been a part of my mindscape for … wow, a scarily large … number of years now.

And gave rise to four words I first used in a poem only two years less than that ago

… does that make sense? … Yes … it does.

… to describe the sense of space in the picture … and, indeed, when we try to recall things in our mind … that “between the gaps in memory” almost but doesn’t quite capture and which, in fact, I think the original French title fails to express too.

Since then I’ve re-used those words here:

And that piece led to a number of others in similar to not entirely dissimilar vein.

So, one way and another, it’s been responsible for quite a bit in my life, that picture.

Glad it speaks to you too : )

Can you guess what those four words were?

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