This. Fake news hurt Clinton in that it was just another way for those who distrusted her to have…
DeSean Blackwell

It’s getting to the point that people are saying legit media outlets are reporting fake news because their opinions aren’t being validated. Where the fuck does it end and begin?

Not a new phenomenon, I’m afraid: go back as far as you like and you will find that, when presented with an alternative source of information, people have dismissed that source as leftwing/rightwing biased and, therefore, effectively ‘fake’ by virtue of delivering on an ideological agenda.

Why is this country so ignorant and proud of it?

Again, that’s not a new phenomenon really and whilst not limited to the so-called working classes, it has, nevertheless, been a prominent feature of working-class culture: only those who have ideas above their station (i.e. think they’re ‘better than everyone else’) value (let alone flaunt) their education — it’s unpatriotic, don’t you know?

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