So…you’re not up for a weekend trip to Amsterdam, then?
Aura Wilming

“I’ve seen it — it’s awful.”
— Marvin the Paranoid Android

But seriously, folks …

Been to the ‘Dam on a few occasions — last time was 2014 as part of a whirlwind of gigs … my own and others’ …. in Holland and France.

Always quite liked it. [1]

But, I’m aware that it’s not the fantasy fairy-tale it’s packaged as … and has a truly dark, never mind seedy, core to it — the fact that blind eyes are easily distracted by greased palms, and certain things tolerated there as a result, doesn’t mean that those liberally applying the K.Y. of sociopolitical acceptability are not the same ones at the top of the same industries in its decidedly less pleasant ‘twin’ towns in other parts of the World.

Ultimately, it’s London squeezed into a pint-pot … which is, paradoxically, what London itself is like … and I have no doubt I could be as happy/content/entertained there as anywhere else, for more or less the same amount of time as I could be anywhere else of similar nature. [3]

And there were plenty of things for me to do that did not necessitate my presence at, of all things, a burlesque show.

I’ve been to a couple in my time … including in London, Los Angeles and Berlin.

Didn’t have a bad time as such and wouldn’t refuse to go if my presence would bring a friend or other loved one especial pleasure — which is why I’ve been to the handful that I have — but didn’t have a notably good time either. It was really more a matter of enduring it for their sakes … and I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there just for the sake of attending a burlesque event under any other circumstances.

It would have to be at the special request of someone whose desire to do so would be something I’d be happy to put above my own desire to do something else.

Otherwise there are plenty of other things I can do that would be a far better reason for a trip to Amsterdam than attending a ‘School Disco’ event for wanna-be pseuds and over-age goths with delusions of pretensions to sophistication and appalling French/German accents.

Would I be up for one?

In principle, yes.

Specifically in order to attend a burlesque event?

If I have to, but not if I don’t, no.

Why … is that an invitation? ;)

[1] Although I imagine that, after a while, like anywhere else, wherever you go, there you are — it’s the people in our lives who make it what it is more than the places [2] — and the novelty wears off.

[2] Up to a point.

[3] Whilst I have an afinity for urban … preferably city … by choice big city … living [4], I do suffer from itchy feet, if not outright Wanderlust, and have a tendancy to up sticks for other parts of the World at, and for, random intervals with anywhere between as little as 12 hours’ and as much as twelve weeks’ notice.

[4] As you will learn over the course of your association with me, as I slowly introduce you to the concept of Zone 3.