London Is Tiny

It consists of the tourist traps (the West End, Buckingham Palace, Museums, Camden, etc) … the village sized area you frequent around the place you eat and sleep after Work/at the weekends … and the handful of roads you walk down between your place of work and the rail/tube stations and/or bus stops you travel from to get there and back again.

Add to that the handful of roads (if any) you walk down when visiting friends and/or family via public transport.

The rest is either a blur you ignore on the bus/train or in the taxi … or are completely unaware of on the Tube … a virtual space you never see (and never will) that might just as well be randomly generated by a computer each time you pass through it for all the impact it will ever have upon your conscious awareness

The total area you consciously experience is no larger than a provincial city or large town

If you are insane enough to drive there then you will know a few thoroughfares and a handful of extra roads but, day to day, London is tiny.

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