Miss O’Giny

What were the developers/publishers of this game thinking when they decided every single ninja assassin attack should be carried out by women?

Don’t get me wrong … I enjoy stabbing bitches as much as the next guy [1].

It just strikes me as a bit blatant, you know — like someone has deep-seated issues.

[1] In an ideal world, I’d be able to go to Youtube and find the scene from Meet The Feebles in which Trevor mentions that “Lucille’s got a cute tush. I wouldn’t mind giving her a poke with the old pork sword” as a segue into making an off colour remark about how it’d be nice if the sexes were equally represented because some of the ninjas are cute and it seems such a shame to “only have the option to stab them with a metal blade, if you get my drift.”

Well …that and the fact that it would be an ideal opportunity to introduce you to Meet The Feebles along the way — I love corrupting the innocent.

But no-one seems to have posted that particular clip :(

So, I guess you’ll just have to watch it in its entirety ;)

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