Heteronyms, Tulpas, and the End of Monolithic Identities
Anastasis Germanidis

Much food for thought.

However …

It then creates an AI-based “copy” with the same personality traits as you.

I have never written as simply myself … and my output has always been produced under the guises of various (albeit not entirely dissimilar) personas, ranging from the narcissistic arsehole obsessed by the smell of his own thumb … through the world-weary curmudgeon who’d end his own life if he could only find the ‘get up and go’ to get up and go … to the hostile misanthrope whose only joy in life is ruining your day, to name but three.

They’re caricatures of me … not the ‘real’ me — not even allowing for the idea that I am a heterogeneous gestalt rather than a homogeneous monolith.

What you won’t find there is a single coherent me, merely exaggerated facets of me with occasional snippets of the true, if you will, me thrown in for good measure … and you’d be in danger of attempting to create the very “one agent, one vantage point, one identity” that you question the existence of … from the very heteronyms/tulpas/whatever you cite as examples of ways to question its existence — somewhat ironic, I feel.