Did I catch you at a bad time?
Aura Wilming

On (yet another) side note …

Whether I am ‘that good in bed’ or not I couldn’t tell you —and, to be frank [1], it isn’t something I spend my time thinking about.

But that really isn’t the point.

What I have been doing is taking time to lay on the ‘overwhelming masculine’ (i.e. utterly silly, macho posturing) as thickly as possible, as an object example of the kind of lighthearted delivery I make of it — it serves multiple purposes as discussed … one of which is, specifically, to lighten the mood for someone who might otherwise be intimidated by intensity [2].

But I was really leading up to the kind of self-referential/recursive punchline that Oliver so appositely observed can be too clever for its own good.

Sadly, that punchline seems to have got somewhat lost in multiple threads when, really, it should’ve been here — which is Oliver’s case in point.

So … here it is again

  1. in case you missed it the first time.
  2. in order to keep it coherent with the rest of the joke.
  3. in case ‘1’ and you appreciate the humour in the track as much as I do [5].
I wanna get in by the fire with the rest of the tribe … dance down and dirty … get all worked up out of my head

I wanna dance all night

And fuck all day

And, yes … as you’d expect … I am as hot on the dancefloor as I am in the bedroom ;)


It’s taken me some time to reverse engineer this one … but now you’ll get the joke because I did the other stuff first — and it wouldn’t have worked, if I hadn’t :D

[1] Which would probably be a good idea actually — apparently, Frank’s really good in bed ;)

[2] No, I’m not talking about you in this instance [3].

[3] Not everything is about you! [4]

[4] You’re so vain, I bet you think I think this song is about me … don’t you? ;P

[5] You never said what you thought of Track X either — which I love for same reasons :)