Reasons to be <strike> fearful </strike> cheerful

How many people have more than the average number of hands?

I’ll just wait while you get that one wrong.

Okay … if nine out of ten people earn $100 a day and one of them earns $9,100 a day, what is the (mean) average daily income?

9 x $100 = $900

$900 + $9,100 = $10,000

$10,000 / 10 = $1,000

Now … how many of them earn the average daily income?

Absolutely no-one.

So … if nine out of ten people have two hands but the tenth lost a hand in an industrial accident …

9 x 2 = 18 hands.

18 + 1 = 19 hands.

19 / 10 = 1.9 hands.

In fact, almost everybody on the face of the planet has more than the average number of hands.

By the same token, therefore, how many people have below average intelligence?

Well … Einstein alone skewed the average.

How bad is the situation?

Add in all the other geniuses from History and you have some idea of how low everyone else’s intelligence must be for the average to not be even higher than it already is.

If you want a reason to slash your wrists as the dreadful realisation hits that Idiocracy was not Science Fiction but a damning indictment of the here and now then read this and then the comments — gems such as I’m sure you’re right but I can’t stand to read his article beyond the headlines … and I haven’t read this article because I suspect it is going to be more Leftie rubbish. But I love the title, well done you for that … will surely bring anyone with an I.Q. in triple digits to tears.

There may, however, be cause for optimism — paradoxically, those very people are, simultaneously, perhaps Mankind’s greatest hope for the future of our species.

They, you see, may be the very ones to make the colonisation of other planets possible: the problem described here will not affect them in the least.

Furthermore, their departure from Earth would dramatically improve the chances for those who remain — Douglas Adams was really on to something when he described the actions of the Golgafrinchans.