Signal : Noise (Cool Data — Weave)

© 2003

Fourth of four ‘Cool Data’ images [1].

I really wasn’t sure about this one at first … it looked too obvious.

But after a while I found it that it grew on me … became more and more aesthetically pleasing … clean, yet organic … the combination of the modern with the ancient … the process of weaving seen in two different ways at the same time … quite literally the weaving of data.

I liked the way it alluded to ancient techniques of creating practical, everyday items out of cloth in combination with something as intangible as data … like weaving clothes out of information … and, again, there was a resonance with the original Signal:Noise piece, in that the book from which I took the Universal Turing Machine code was called The Emperor’s New Mind, which itself was driving at a combination of the ancient and the modern, the tangible and the effervescent … the weaving of information.

And there is something about that is just visually appealing by itself — for all that it’s a very obvious and simple piece … it just looks nice.

So, in the end, as I said, it grew on me, even though I had initially dismissed it … didn’t, in fact, want it to grow on me as I found it too obvious, or so I thought — sometimes it’s worth remembering that simple things can be the building blocks of great complexity and one shouldn’t dismiss the obvious out of hand because it’s obvious … Occam’s Razor applies to all things.

[1] Cool Data, Cool Data — Coloured Chalk, Cool Data — Enamel

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