Minimalism, Consumerism, and Creativity
RobinB Creative

The problem is that all my stuff is Time … tempered — so that others may benefit from it.

I have very little stuff beyond a bed, sofa, table, chairs, kitchen necessaries, T.V. Stereo, computers/games consoles — just enough to live a normal life and offer guests a seat.

What takes up space in my life are movies and music and books and art and computer games. It’s experiences … others’ lifetimes condensed into a form that yet others can watch and hear and read and play and experience for themselves.

And my tastes are eclectic to weird — the stuff I have is … as one person put it … “so far off the beaten track, you can’t even see the track any more.”

Every so often I look at it and ask myself why I keep it all; I never watch it, listen to it or read it any more — I know it all too well.

And the answer comes back almost immediately …

“You remember that time so-and-so came to visit that Friday evening and you showed them that show … and they watched the first two episodes of Season 1 before going to bed … and the next thing you knew, they were phoning in sick on Monday because they wanted to see the end of Season 5 after having done nothing all weekend but watch Seasons 1 to 4 …

“You remember how that’s what it’s always like when you show people stuff, or play them stuff, or give them a book or graphic novel, or a magazine, or a game to play, or, or, or …

“ … because they’ve never seen/heard/read/played anything like it in their lives and now can’t get enough …

“You remember those times you were thinking of getting rid of stuff and other people cried Noooooooo … you can’t break up the library/museum … where will we find it all again when next we need it or something like it!?

I’m the curator of experiences for others … ephemera made corporeal.

And by God it takes up room!

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