My days are pretty much full, so yes, I could in theory google to see what, if anything this lady…
Aura Wilming

The research into the evolutionary purpose of orgasm … especially female orgasm … just kills me.

The other good one was the discovery that the best cure for a headache is an orgasm; where did they find women willing to take part in that particular project? Still … at least it provided me with the excuse to utter … in response to the plaintive “I’ve got a headache” … the immortal words “Shall I fuck it better?” ;D

Women tend to spend as much time describing […] even what they were eating/drinking.

stick into this

Pun intended?

But like I said, I don’t have the time to stick into this, nor the desire to make that time. Perhaps in 2018.

I only suggested it because I thought you might find it of interest … not because I had any interest myself :)

Porn’s not really my thing anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I like looking at naked women as much as the next guy … but …

a) You can look but not touch?

Fuck that … I wanna … well, fuck that now you come to mention it.

b) If I’ve got the time for porn, I’ve got the time to have sex myself.

Now … in which way would my time be better spent, do you think?

c) Professional actresses aren’t actually necessarily like the characters they play.

A list of all the locations where lithe, nubile young women like to writhe naked and bathed in the light of several spotlights and in front of an entire camera crew for free … now that has a real world, girl (you touch) next door, quality to it ;)

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