Most of my stories…end with either…the car was totaled…or I never saw her again…Either way…getting…
E. Scott Alighieri

This one is so close to my heart it’s unreal.

In fact … many, many, many moons ago … when I was young and naif … the cutest, most desirable girl in the entire college started making a habit of sitting next to me in class.

Of course, being young, insecure and naif… and her not saying a word to me … it never crossed my mind that she was interested in me — I wouldn’t dare dream that the cutest, most desirable girl in the entire college could possibly be interested in me.

After some months, she stopped sitting next to me — I guess she figured I wasn’t interested <sigh>.

Some months went by.

Then, one day, as I was walking back to college after a lunchtime in town, she stopped her car on the way up the hill to offer me a lift.

This was it! … This was my chance! … I was in!

I opened the passenger door.

And it promptly came off in my hand — the entire door came away from the car frame!

“It’s okay,” she said “I’ve been waiting for that to happen.”

She never spoke to me again.


Still … as you said … getting to any point in Life has, I’ve found, been fun …and reckless … burning … bloodied … flipped over … wrecks are indeed what I too am known for.

And not only in Love either.

One year, on Failbook, my status update was “On birthdays, bicycles and Iodine: Ouch! That HURT! … Let’s do it AGAIN!”

It involved cracked ribs, a fractured tibia, a burn mark that took two-and-a-half years to fade … and a fantastic time playing a gig at a club in Holland and then a spontaneous squat party on some of the roughest gear I’ve ever had to try and use — two Home Stereo CD decks, two belt-drive turntables with no slipmats and, for the first hour, no mixer!

It was the wildest birthday I’ve ever had!

It also hurt … a lot — and I’d do it again in a shot : D

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