Did Johnny never make it to your side of the pond?
Aura Wilming

Did Johnny never make it to your side of the pond?

Very possibly but it didn’t impinge upon my awareness if it did. Bear in mind, I’ve spent a quarter of a century partying … not indoors in front of the stupid-box — some years I only spent four … yes, 4 … nights a year at home and the rest of my time out and about.

It’s not that haven’t I seen any T.V./movies in that time but my focus was pretty much on the extreme/outrageous edge of things … dark, dystopian stuff rather than simply silly/humourous — so, if someone didn’t draw my attention to it, I missed it unless it was … extreme, outrageous, dark, dystopian, grotesque, disturbing … you get the picture ; )

The point of Johnny Bravo isn’t so much that he’s unsuccessful, regardless of what Wikipedia says. The problem is when he’s trying he overdoes the macho posturing. He basically moves around them by jumping from pose to pose, and is convinced everyone is in love with him.

No … I’m much more Sheep On Drugs/Wayne ‘G’: so cock-sure I can afford to take the piss out of myself because everyone else knows I’m that cool — even if it’s only because I just don’t take my self that seriously [1].

If I were a music track, I’d be that one that’s so filthy, sleazy and just plain sex on legs that … if it were a man, you’d be feverishly trying to work out just how he could be so certain that he were going home with you at the end of the evening … and so right!

You know … that track you spontaneously orgasm to on the dancefloor — you know the one I mean : D ; D ; P

There’s the over the top, bright colors, lots of chrome, sleeveless t-shirts and

… homoerotica.

VS the understated, all black, suit, wait-till-you-see-what’s-under-the-hood, macho class of the Transporter

Indeed … yes, I’m the transporter, not the “too much testosterone and not enough man” of F&F — although, given the choice I don’t plump for suits and ties myself [3].

In the first picture they look like they are compensating.

Nah … they’re just gay.

The second looks like quite a ride ;)

Modesty precludes me from commenting, I’m afraid ; D

[1] Well … that and the fact that I’m amazing in bed … a superlative dancer … the next stage in Human evolution … the best DJ in the Universe [2] … you know the score by now … I’m not gonna re-list all my amazing qualities yet again ; )

[2] Well … “the best Psytrance DJ in the Universe” … according to one of my fans at least. [My italics … hers were on ‘best’ and ‘Universe’ naturally]

[3] I do carry it off well when I do though — like everything, if it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing well [4].

[4] Especially when you can stand there, 6' 1" tall, in an expensively tailored suit, expensively tailored woolen coat, shaven head with dreads (think the twins from whichever Matrix sequel it was, but dark haired) … secret service stance (hands held together in front of, but not touching, groin … ramrod straight back and squared shoulders) … dark, wraparound shades … mobile phone earpiece before they were commonplace … and calmly state into it “well, you tell your brother that, if he isn’t there with the goods when I arrive, I’ll break both your fucking legs.”

No matter how crowded that train carriage was moments before … you’ve got a lot more room around you now, believe me ; D

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