It is said that … just before you die … your entire life flashes past your eyes.

It’s true … it does … it really happens just before you die.

It’s a phenomenon known as ‘Life’.

When opportunity knocks, you may miss it amidst all the noise you are distracted by.

Why run that risk?

Get its address and turn up on its doorstep, unexpectedly … find out what its plans are and waylay it on its journey … invite it back to yours for coffee and fuck its brains out.

Life is short … don’t wait for it to notice you; go out, hunt it down, drag into a dark alley, grab it by the throat, give it a damn good shake and see what falls out of its pockets — you never know your luck … it might be on the way to the bank after winning the lottery.

Luck isn’t a wallflower, hoping someone will notice it before its too old to have fun any more; it’s a party animal with a contact list as long as the Universe is wide — make sure you’re on its speed dial … or at that it’s least able to identify you in a lineup

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