Love at first flight.

So I’ve been meaning to blog about my trip to Canada, but I literally just got back home to San Diego a couple days ago and hopped straight into my normal routine of work and school. I want to take my time with that blog so it’s probably going to take a while until it’s ready to be posted. All I can say is that it was amazing. It’s the happiest I’ve been this whole entire year. That pleases me, because, I did that. I did that for myself. That’s the happiness that I’m trying so very hard to nurture… the true happiness that no one can ever take away. I’m so glad I made it happen. I now understand why travelers say, “Travel changes you.” It really does and I’m glad I was able to experience that first hand.

I have fallen madly and deeply in love with traveling. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so strongly for something before. It’s so strange how one can develop feelings/attachment to a place — something that can’t possibly love you back. It literally gives you nothing, it simply exists, and in it’s quiet existence it teaches you more than you could ever learn from a living soul. I have met several types of people during my time here on earth and none have ever given me the feeling or satisfaction that resonates from within during travel. Perhaps this is just a different type of happiness. Whatever it is, I’m going to chase this feeling.

I have yet to find the right travel person just because there’s so much that I want to do and see that I really need someone who’s down for literally whatever. As for now, I am 100% content with my own company and exploring at my own pace. The unknown used to scare me, but now, I look to it with hopeful eyes. The unknown can bring a lot of possibility and open doors. That’s certainly what I look forward to.

There are a couple things I have planned for myself. After enough thought and consideration (with the support of my family and friends) I decided to pursue something that has been an idea for quite some time. Now, all it is, is transferring my ideas into words and video. I’m so excited. Stay tuned, guys!


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