Sometimes you gotta burn some bridges just to create some distance.

“Don’t you dare feel bad for cutting hurtful people from your life. For once, stop trying to be the better person because you’re suffering for the sake of their sanity. Do you see what’s wrong with that picture?! They’ve hurt you. And they will probably keep hurting you. Will they realize it? Absolutely not. What will it take for you to see they’re no good for you!? Take yourself as far away as possible from toxic people. You should never second think decisions that benefit your well-being. You need to start thinking about yourself. Be selfish for once. Stop trying to please everyone by catering to their crooked hearts. You’re sacrificing your heart for a heart that would never even consider the care you exude. You’ve fought so hard for the people you love that you don’t know when to walk away because you always have a sliver of hope. But that’s it… stop having hope in people who have lost hope in you. Take care of your heart. Protect it. I know the hurt they bring you would never alter your love, but you don’t deserve to be exposed to that. Light drives out darkness. You are the light. Stop trying to converge with darkness, stop trying to see a light in darkness, you won’t find it, for darkness will always be darkness. You, my dear, are so much more. Let them go, you’ll be so glad you did.”

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