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Screenshot of #3000chairs on Instagram

You may or may not know this; in real-life, I am a Social Media Manager. Where Next, Hereford originally started out as a voluntary campaign — my attempt at raising the profile of Herefordshire for the City of Culture 2021 bid, celebrating all that is great about the county and highlighting those areas in desperate need of improvememt. I wanted to promote the brilliant work done by the people in our community whilst also giving a voice to those who had something to say about the future of Hereford and the ‘shire, who wouldn’t normally be listened to.

The bid has been submitted but my work is definitely not done! Where Next, Hereford has evolved in to the Where Next Guide on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, allowing me to spread my wings a little further. I will always focus on Herefordshire but am enjoying the freedom of featuring other great towns and cities that I meet on my travels…

Meanwhile, my day job is currently offering me masses of inspiration. I have teamed up again with Hereford Arts College and will be covering their students output during Hay Festival 2017.

This year the students are involved in some truly brilliant collaborations. Today I’d like to tell you about ‘3000 Chairs.’

Screenshot of #3000chairs on Instagram

3000 Chairs

Hereford College of Arts BA Performing Arts 1st Year students are today rehearsing for the The Hay Festival performance of ‘3000 Chairs.’

‘3000 Chairs’ has been adapted by Open Sky Productions and is based on a poem by children’s author Nicola Davies, ‘The Day War Came.’

Nicola was compelled to write this poem in response to the government’s decision not to allow lone refugee children a safe haven in the U.K.

When Jackie Morris, an artist living in Wales, read this poem she was immediately inspired to paint the image below; a beautiful yet hauntingly sad picture of a chair that wasn’t available to a refugee child who had already lost everything.

Illustration: Jackie Morris

This image has since prompted a Twitter campaign in which ANYONE is invited to draw/paint/sketch an empty chair and post it on Twitter & Instagram using #3000chairs.

Screenshot of #3000chairs on Instagram

You can watch the performance of 3000 chairs at Hay Festival on Sun 28th + Weds 31st May at the Cube Venue from 10am.

More information can be found here.

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