It’s Our County
 Judicial Review of Smallholding Sale — Today IOC launch crowdfunding campaign to fund a judicial review of the decision to sell all Herefordshire’s council owned farms. We think farming should be open to everyone — not just the lucky landed few. Please help us to fund this challenge and ‘like’ and share this post with your friends.
 Message: Herefordshire Council are in the process of selling off a great deal of publicly-owned farms. There is a very interesting case against this which you can find out more about by clicking below. Here is an extract from It’s Our County​: ‘We feel passionately that the sale of all Herefordshire’s publicly owned farms is wrong. We are concerned at the way the decision has been handled by the council and our concern is shared by our tenant farmers and by many local residents. Through ‘Crowd Justice’ we want to raise the funds we need to use the Judicial Review process to challenge the council’s unconstitutional decision to sell its entire farm estate’.
 May 12, 2017 at 12:44PM