The Friday Five: Annie Norris / Pure-Studios

I am not a gym bunny. I’ve tried to be — I think I’ve joined at least 5 in my lifetime — each time thinking that this ‘will be the one’. But I’m not good at exercising indoors and I get bored pumping iron or running on the spot. A friend in Brighton suggested I try ‘aerial fitness’. ‘Aerial Fitness?? In Hereford?? I laughed. ‘Chance would be a fine thing.’ And then something magical hapened….

Enter Stage Left: Annie Norris of Pure-Studios…

What do you do for a living?

I run a beautiful Pole Dancing and Aerial Arts Academy called Pure-Studios. We are in our 12th year and we are so proud to have a wonderful team of fully qualified, experienced and talented instructors. We started by teaching Pole Dancing for fun and fitness 3 nights a week; we’ve been building up our business over the years and last year we finally managed to move studios to a bigger and much better studio. Our new studio is fully equipped, bespoke, safety-tested and so beautiful! We now have a team of instructors and we teach not only Pole Dancing but Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, Aerial Silks, Stretch, Burlesque, Chair Dancing and Contortion for beginners all the way through to super-advanced. We run a host of children and youth classes and our adult classes are for all ages of men and women. I am very lucky to have a team of amazing instructors, male and female who have placed extremely highly in competitions all over the country. My absolute love is coaching and I love helping people achieve their dreams and becoming the very best they can be.

What do you do for fun?

For fun I love to train. It’s my absolute passion. I’ve been pole dancing for 16 years and still love every single moment I get to train and explore new movements and flow. When I’m not in the studio, my other half and I love to go travelling and whale-watching, I find it so relaxing being at sea (especially with no phone signal!) and watching whales and dolphins in their own habitats.

Best thing about Hereford?

The best thing about Hereford is its friendly atmosphere. Most people who run their own business in Hereford are chatty and friendly and it’s wonderful to connect with like-minded people. I also love our wonderful countryside which is perfect for walking my doggies.

Worst thing about Hereford?

I used to say the worst thing about Hereford is the lack of fun things to do, however now there are lots of new independent places to eat, a new climbing centre, and more exciting things opening up - this isn’t really the case anymore. So I think at the moment really the worst thing about Hereford is its traffic!

What would winning City of Culture mean to you/your business?

I have lived in Hereford my whole life and if it was to win the City of Culture I really think it would help put Hereford on the map and for people to see just how wonderful it really is which would make me extremely proud. Our whole ethos at Pure-Studios is to get people moving and feeling good about themselves in a fun, exciting way, showing people what their bodies can achieve — not what they look like. If Hereford was to win the Culture Bid people would start to look more at what Hereford offers and hopefully notice Pure-Studios, too and get involved.

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