The #FridayFive

We’re back and what a way to kick-off the next phase of our campaign! The City of Culture bid may have been submitted but we are still here to champion the great and the good of Herefordshire (as well as questioning and challenging all that is not quite up to scratch…).

We are uber-excited to be able to share with you cafe-owner, food-writer and chef extraordinarire Bill Sewell’s #FridayFive!

I used to own a café and was much inspired by not only the wonderful food cooked up by Bill and his team at Café All Saints in Hereford (you know, the one in the church), but also his fantastic ethos. Much of the food is sourced locally and everything is cooked on-site, fresh, every day. From 3pm onwards, prices are reduced by 50%; a simple but excellent system of reducing waste and offering the same fabulous food at pocket friendly prices.

Bill has always struck me as something of a pioneer, being an early champion of locally sourced and seasonal food and his vision for breathing life in to old buildings in a new way (three of Bills cafes have been located in churches), whilst simultaneously benefitting the community, always inspired me. So it came as no surprise to us here at Where Next? to hear that Bill was releasing his third cookbook via Kickstarter. Away from the confines of a publishing house, Bill has been able to produce a book over which he has total editorial control. ‘Encompassing all the most delicious recipes both from the cafes and his home cooking, it will be a ‘greatest hits’ from a life devoted to food. With stunning photography from Jay Watson and gorgeous design from Michael Phillips, ‘Bill’s Kitchen’ will be a book to treasure and give to friends’.

With your help, the book will be published at the beginning of October with pre-ordered copies arriving in plenty of time for Christmas. Simply pre-order your book NOW (the success of the campaign depends on enough people placing an order for the book — the deadline is 31st May 2017). The more you pledge (pledges start at £10), the more exciting it gets, with reward packages available in exchange for your cash! Head over to: to find out more.

That’s enough from me! I’ll let you find out more from Bill in the #FridayFive….

What do you do for a living?

I create and run cafes and write about food. I currently have 2 cafes: Café @ All Saints in Hereford and Michaelhouse Café Cambridge. 20 years ago I wrote 2 widely acclaimed cookbooks and I’ve finally finished my third — ‘Bill’s Kitchen’. It brings together my café cooking with my love of cooking at home. It is a fully illustrated hardback with pictures by Herefordshire photographer Jay Watson. The really exciting thing is that I’m publishing it through crowdfunding site Kickstarter (go to ) which gives me much greater editorial and creative control over the final product. The crowdfunding project launched at the beginning of May and we’re already over 80% of the way to our target. Essentially you support the project by pre-ordering your copy of the book (via Kickstarter) but we’re also offering some great other rewards as well — a Café experience day working with our baker at All Saints, a barista experience learning to make cappuccinos and flat whites, A day-long baking course at my house for a gang of four mates and a special day learning how to start your own café! There’s only a couple more weeks to go — so visit Kickstarter now!

What do you do for fun?

I love cooking for and chatting to my family at home and I’m also an enthusiastic tennis player at Eardisley tennis club.

Best thing about Hereford?

The best thing about Hereford is the superb food culture — both at the levels of cafes and restaurants (as well as Cafe @ All Saints we’ve now got Rule of Tum, The Shack Revolution, Madam and Adam (Hereford’s latest jem), Sensory and Rye and more) and of course the fantastic suppliers (Tudges’ for bacon and sausages, Whyle House for lamb, Springfield Farm for chicken — and that’s just the beginning…).

Worst thing about Hereford?

I’m struggling to think of something. I suppose the worst thing for us is that a lot of our friends still live in the Southeast (we moved here from London 20 years ago) and Hereford is quite a long way for them to come and visit, though when they do they always want to stay longer!

What would winning City of Culture mean to you/your business?

It would give Hereford the recognition it rightly deserves. It’s a great city and a wonderful county and it doesn’t get the recognition it should have in the national consciousness. Our first-class food culture is particularly vibrant now and it would be the perfect opportunity to shout about it.

We love Bill and we want his latest campaign to be a great success! Please show your support by following him on Social Media:

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