Amazon is a ruthless competitor that has taken over nearly all retail sales in the U.S.
Ad Blocking and the Future of the Web
Jeffrey Zeldman

I thought this article was pretty good until I hit this. (“Amazon has… taken over nearly all retail sales in the U.S.”) Then I had to stop reading, because my level of trust in the writer went literally to zero. This just isn’t true. It is so far from true that the light from true will not reach it in my lifetime. And whether it was a deliberate lie, ignorance or “mere puffery,” as we say in my biz, it’s so grotesquely inaccurate it not only destroyed the author’s credibility, it burned it down, leveled it, and sowed salt among the ashes.

This is known as “Amazon Derangement Syndrome,” and has brought low many a writer. Avoid it.

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