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Dearest J. C.,

Unfortunately, this is real. Everything I have written on Medium is true.

I have not written in awhile because of having to figure out how to handle this situation. The situation of having a sister that is an alcoholic. The situation also being how to be of help to her since she chose to moved half way across the country and away from me.

To say the last two months has been stressful is an understatement. Side note? When I share these pieces of my life in this forum, Medium suggests the “fiction” tag. Of course I correct it. But that right there tells me that something has to change. And your response of not knowing if it was true, is the period at the end of that sentence.

I am slowly coming out the other side of this stronger. And I’m doing so without leaving her behind. I’ll be sharing the next chapter in my life soon. And I look forward to any words of wisdom you may have for me.

Thank you for your response and words of strength and encouragement.

Peace be with you.

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