How NOT To Handle Stress and End Up With Blue/Purple Hair

Hello everyone. Today I will be sharing my well worked out and proven plan to Not handle stress, so that you can end up with blue And purple hair!

  1. Do Not confront the issue head on.
  2. Do Not use a caring,loving inquisitive tone with the person you are worried for while discussing the issue.
  3. When the afore mentioned person gets confrontational, do Not stick to the facts and do engage and/or insight their antics.
  4. When afore mentioned person is realising that the temper tantrum does not result in the ending of the situation, be prepared for tears and self deprecation. THIS IS A DISTRACTION AND DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Or, fall for it. *shrugs*
  5. When afore mentioned person realises this tactic is not working either and the same questions are still needing answered, do Not be prepared for them to revert to anger, bullying or whatever has worked for their manipulating tactics in the past.
  7. Do Not restate your concerns and accept the fact that you just might lose a beloved relationship. Explain this to them and also reiterate that you love them and would like them to “share their reasoning”. That “…it’s the only way you will be able to understand.”
  8. Do Not understand yourself that they may not give two shits about what you think, even if you have been the only one their for them “through thick and thin”.
  10. Do Not explain to the afore mentioned person you still love them, you always will and you want nothing but the best for them, as they brush past you out the door.
  11. Do break into tears after they leave.
  12. Do go into the bathroom to wash your face after you have broken into said tears.
  13. Do go to and graduate second in your class out of 223 students from a two year cosmetology school.
  14. Do have clientele which makes it necessary to keep stock in multiple colors in your home.
  15. Do cry as you cut 4 inches of your hair off.
  16. Do remove the color from your hair.
  17. Do apply Shocking Blue to your roots and Passionate Purple to the end of your hair in an Ombre fashion.
  18. Do wash out color after an hour while crying in the shower.
  19. Do Not write everything that happened in your journal.
  20. Do Not style your new hair and “new attitude” into being.
  21. Do Not look long and hard at yourself in the mirror. Like, …long…long time looking.
  22. Do Not laugh until you cry. Again.
  23. Do Not pick yourself up off the bathroom floor.
  24. Do Not look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I got this. It actually looks really cute!”
  25. Do Not go on living. And more importantly, loving.

Thanks for reading. Maybe someday I’ll share a before and after photo. But I doubt it. O_o

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