So full of life and right at that point of being fresh and green and not quite over grown. Lush. Dandelions, red and white clover, wild purple basil, wild Indian tobacco, wisteria,Kentucky blue grass, crab grass, 6 ft ornamental grass plants, moles, wild plantain, aloe, and at least 4 I can’t name and I’m sure more! That’s just what I’d be able to literally walk barefoot in.

It’s taking All I can do to not walk barefoot across all that life! Feel it between my toes! The coolness… slightly crinkling growth of plants underfoot. *sigh* But the temperature is dropping fast tho!

It’s 49° outside ! Please don’t freeze! I want to play tomorrow! Maybe put in some little wooden box gardens on the front porch?

Thank you for keeping me and my family safe yet another day. Bless those that have lost.

Bless all that may stand in need, please help me to find a home for all this stuff I’ve inherited. Sigh…that might as well say shit.

Lol ! Hey! What’s your opinion on using acronyms like “Lol” for instance? Or how about things like this, O_o.

Do you think it helps or hinders my writing? O_o

Now I’m rambling. Okay.


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