When it comes to guys, we’re not all bad. For instance, we don’t all talk shit about our exes, or think owning only one bath towel is normal, or think saying “calm down” is the ideal method for diffusing conflict.

Yep, it’s not just the red flags that you need to consider when dating a dude — there’s also the “green flags,” which highlight what’s actually, ya know, good about us. I mean, jeez, what’s it gonna take for someone to talk about our green flags?!?!

Oh 👇look 👇weird 👇.


One could make the argument (quite easily, in fact) that White America needs an education on the history of racism in this country, as well as the role oppression has played in our country’s history. That said, there’s a right way to teach that history, and there’s a wrong way.

Strapped to a chair Clockwork Orange-style and forced to watch the nine-hour miniseries Roots falls in the second camp.

Must Read

Here’s something that’s sure to blow your mind: It’s not just incels who feel that it’s their “inferior” looks and personality that makes them unfuckable. In the first piece from this week’s special issue on “Women of the Manosphere,” Isabelle Kohn documents the rise of female incels, aka “femcels,” who have begun surfacing on online forums for the involuntarily celibate with the same, ass-backwards worldview. It’s an intense ride.

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Look, you’re free to vote for whomever you want (no really, it’s in the Constitution), but do you really want to vote for Mayo Pete? What’s his deal, anyway? He’s like what would happen if the Manchurian Candidate had a baby with Amazon’s Alexa. Does he ever actually say anything? I mean, I hear the words, but they don’t ever actually add up to anything that resembles how humans speak.

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I don’t have much for you today, other than to ask, do you want to read something truly, utterly bizarre, creepy and altogether impossible-sounding? Then do yourself a favor and check out this piece from Zaron Burnett III involving a shit-stained soup ladle, an incarcerated white supremacist, a giant dog from hell named Bane and, naturally, Kimberly Guilfoyle. Your head’s gonna spin.

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Jeff Gross

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