Of Lost Time and the Importance of Making Up For It

There is indeed nothing sadder than lost time.

We go through our lives, living day to day.

Trying to make ends meet. Trying to get better grades at school. Trying not to be a burden on our colleagues. Trying to do our best to be successful at what we do. That sometimes we become so immersed in the daily grind.

That we forget to stop and look around, appreciate the flowers, feel the wind, and look up at the sky..

And most of all, we forget what really matters.

Who really matters in this life we are living.

The reason why we do our best, struggle, and fight.

The people in our lives — our parents, our siblings, our children, our friends.

They are what keep us grounded and true. Always there in case we needed a shoulder to cry on, in case we needed a small pat on the back, or even a congratulatory high five!

And we keep saying to ourselves that all these hardship is for them,

Yet we can’t seem to prioritize them enough.

There is this constant pushing and pulling — the balance between our personal and professional lives. That in the world we live in today, we can’t help but agree the latter seems to be the one running the show. While the former is the one that almost always adapts, accommodates.

People say you cannot have it all. Either you’re successful professionally, or in your private life.

Well I say that’s not entirely true.

The measure of success for both are very different. Though in essence, happiness and peace of mind — these seems to be the ultimate measure for both. But the way they are quantified by society actually differs.

Professionally, one can say you’ve attained success in your career when you’ve earned more than what you’ve spent in your life, when you’re well respected by your seniors and colleagues, or when you’re confident, and your job is becoming of you. Like when you’re so well suited for that line of work that people can’t really see you as anything but that.

Privately, people say you’ve become a successful person when you’re happy and contented with yourself, when you’re whole, beaming, beautiful, and at peace.

Taking both into account, I think it is possible.No — it should be mandatory — to find a compromise.

An in between. A common ground.

Because prioritizing one over the other will ultimately lead to never ending stress, massive pain in the behind, and a debilitating physical, emotional, and spiritual drain. That feeling of getting your soul sucked out of you, and you end up as nothing more than an empty shell.

That is exactly how people become stuck in time.

Existing, but not living.

Walking, running, breathing, gasping for air — but not exactly going anywhere.

Just standing there, stranded… lost in time.

But there is always hope. Of course there is always hope. All we need to do is gather some courage, and look around. Maybe the middle ground we need is just around the corner. We really just need to look around, and maybe even look within.

A simple change within ourselves.. Our outlook in life, how we value the people around us, how we stay true to our principles and beliefs — and perhaps a bit of trust in what fate has in store for us.

Surely, our purpose in life is not merely to suffer and die.

As long as we hold on, continue, strive, endure.. as they say, these things too shall come to pass. I believe life will find a way to make things work.

Sometimes we become so focused and stressed with the daily grind, we overlook the small clues whatever Greater Power left there for us to see.

So really, when the rain starts pouring down on you hard, all you gotta do is stop for a second, take a step back, and look at the bigger picture. There might be an umbrella hidden somewhere.

Lost time can never be retrieved. What’s lost is lost.

But making up for lost time is not an entirely bad idea either.

Career advancements will always be there. Of course, some opportunities are rare, and can even propel you to greater heights in a lesser time. But career advancements will always be there. In one way or another.

Precious time with family and loved ones though.. Yes these people will always be a constant in your life. That is not going to change. But these people are not always going to be — In that same age. In that same mood. In that same birthday hat. In that same school game. In that same awards ceremony. In that same family day. In that same restaurant, with everyone in the family. Or even in that same couch watching who-knows-what with you, Just hanging out, wasting the day away, happy.

These little, ordinary, every day, things are not as trivial as they seem. Because these are the times when character is built, when unbreakable bonds are formed, when precious memories are made.

And if you ask me, I’d rather have a house full of memories, than a mansion full of medals.