Ultra White Collar Boxing — From Rookie to Rocky in Two months

Sep 28, 2016 · 4 min read

White Collar Boxing birmingham

Unquestionably boxing is often a just about the most challenging coming from all sports. It will take speed, agility, finesse, power, endurance, and supreme strength of mind.

Boxing pushes you want hardly any other, pitting you a rival with the same want to win as yourself.

You will see a little more about your good and bad points, and yourself control will grow.

It’s rather a graceful and precise sport, but at the same time may be raw and brutal.

Boxing reveals the fighter inside each one individuals.

Solar panel systems us will say that whenever watching a Rocky movie they have not been inspired from the training montages and Eye of the tiger music?

For some this is an inspiration that is gone within a couple of hours in the movie ending, however for some it stays along.

Nowadays many gyms and personal fitness trainers in addition to a multitude of boxing exercise DVDs are offering to you methods to train being a fighter. Boxercise, fight fit, etc.

What if you need to proceed further what if you would like to actually enter the ring and compete.

White Collar Boxing takes its origins from Gleason’s gym in The big apple. in 1988. Trainers prepared two novice boxers Dr. Richard Novak and Dr. David Lawrence to get a fight of three rounds of two minutes each. The achievements the 1st show along with the demand by White Collar Boxers started a month-to-month series which includes continued since that time.

The popularity of these events has spread globally and White Collar Boxing is just about the worlds fastest growing corporate contact sport.

Established in ’09 in “Derby Ultra White Collar Boxing” is now the greatest UK event organiser. They’ve place on fights in 50 plus UK cities, raising money for Cancer Research UK. Up to now they have raised above �600,000.

Ultra White Collar Boxing offers people even individuals with no prior boxing ability the ability to enter in the ring facing hundreds and go through the thrill of combating a matched opponent.

All boxers that be involved help raise money for Cancer Research UK and therefore are necessary to raise a nominal amount �50, but a majority of raise considerably more.

Both men and women boxers can compete.

The bouts are three rounds of two minutes with 1 minute intervals.

Boxers receive 8 weeks free training from ex-professional boxers and trainers in their area. They receive intense conditioning training and therefore are taught all of the skills required to compete in cases where.

Safety factors are very important to UWCB

A directory of their guidelines follow:

Boxers train at the same gym allow the trainers to assess the talents of each and every boxer. The trainer may use this assessment to produce a fair match for the fight.

16oz gloves to become worn

Full headgear being worn

Groin protection compulsory for guys, optional for young girls

Scoring by referee

Three standing eight counts inside a round will result in referee stopping contest

The referee can stay away from the bout at any stage if in their independent opinion, the safety of either boxer is compromised.

Besides the above guidelines, paramedics plus a doctor will probably be present in any way events to guarantee the highest level of safety possible.

The Boxers Story

A pal of mine, Phil Ingleby of Sutton in Ashfield is among the fighters who required the UWCB challenge.

He soon began his eight week training and fought in Mansfield on 30th August 2014.

While i asked Phil regarding the eight-week training and his awesome experience in the ring he responded with these words.

“I was impressed mate, yes. They offered two free workout sessions every week having a former Kick boxing (Thai boxing) welterweight world champion, (Lee Chesters), who is one of the best coaches I’ve worked… But, on account of my previous experience of the game, I decided to complete 2 extra services as an addition. 1 extra sparring session with lads from my old club with an extra fitness session with my good friend who is a Personal trainer. We did an hour or so and half weekly of circuit training and abdominal work”

“The fight I had in August was my first in almost eight years. I had created fought from the ABA’s previously, but retired by having a back injury. I left the game, having a hefty, but brave loss. It’s my job to felt that we left boxing behind with a bit of an injustice… My last fight was unfinished business, and that i beat an incredibly worthy opponent with additional experience with a wide margin… Demon buried!!!”

Phil “The Ice Man” Ingleby struggled “Iron” Ryan Fitzpatrick in the John Fretwell Sports Centre in Mansfield on 30th August 2014.

He won on points and dedicated his struggle to his Uncle Syd Ingleby. Syd was sadly taken by cancer earlier that year.

White Collar Boxing birmingham

He stated he felt great to be in the fight game.

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