Ugly is a judgment

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Ugliness or beauty?
What do we see?
What we see
is what we give power to

What we see we create
What we FEEL we create
What we give is what we receive
What we love is what we empower

Beauty is our divine power
Ugly is a judgment
Underneath every judgment of ugly
lies beauty waiting to be seen

When we judge
beauty dissolves
Without beauty
love dissolves

Without love
our divine nature dissolves
Without seeing beauty
we are stuck in lack

In a state of lack
beauty remains invisible
If we cannot see it
we cannot feel…

To remember how I manifested change

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Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter (Pixabay)

Nine years ago I lived on the east side of town in a low-income government subsidized housing project. I qualified to live there because at the time I was an unemployed stage-4 cancer patient. I lived there for one year.

Before moving into my apartment there I had spent a month in the hospital where a five pound tumor was surgically removed from my body. Once I was recovered from the surgery my doctor told me that the cancer had spread throughout my body and that I had six months to live. He also said that if I were to undergo about 80,000 dollars worth of chemotherapy that I might be able to live as long as twelve months. He then gave me five stapled pages that listed all the side effects of the chemotherapy, including loss of hair and finger and toe nails, constant nausea, constant diarrhea, constant vomiting, loss of the sense of taste, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, loss of teeth, recurring dizziness, and on and on and…

A dystopian horror comedy

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Image by Ulrike Leone (Pixabay)

Langston placed a fresh log on the fire then sat back down in his comfortable chair. Pulling his pocket watch out of his vest pocket he checked the time. Chester had been gone now for an hour and a half. Looking at the empty seat in the time machine, Langston figured that Chester would be coming back from the future soon.

Langston took a sip of brandy then crossed his legs. He then opened a box on his desk, pulling out a match. Putting a fresh cigar in his mouth, he struck the match on the bottom of his boot then lit the cigar. …

White Feather

Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist — https://whitefeather.substack.com/

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