I must admit I don’t think I promoted you… I said I adored your name (but memory has failed me…

A blue feather! Now that is some very serious mojo. It makes me immediately think of the great blue heron, one of my totem animals. I once had a profound great blue heron encounter that ‘prompted’ me to write a big, fat novel — a novel which I consider to be my magnum opus (at least so far). These birds are very, very powerful mojo carriers.

As you can probably tell, I’m a feather freak and a bird freak. Hardly a day goes by without encountering a white feather. Having been given my name I guess it’s only appropriate. I never really understood feather mojo until I immersed myself in Lakota spirituality many years ago. Being nature lovers, the Lakota could see and feel the energies of nature and I’ve been learning to do that, too, for many years. Birds have been some of my greatest teachers.

I could talk endlessly about white feathers and their metaphysical significance and their role in human history (which is surprisingly extensive) but I’ve run out of time for today and there aren’t enough pages on Medium to fit it all.

Thanks for the response.

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