Creative block cuts deeper than the page
Jonas Ellison

All creative blocks come from the mind/ego complex, which is what most of us identify as “us.” They are created as a defense mechanism for two reasons. First, they are created as a shield against any potential threat to that false identity of the mind/ego coming from without. This is usually rooted in fear. Secondly, they are created to block creativity coming from universal consciousness through our true self — which is our true essence that can observe the mind/ego complex functioning. We are conditioned to believe that our mind/ego complex is who we are so anything flowing through us from universal consciousness is seen as an outside threat to the stability of the mind/ego complex and therefore seen as something to be deflected; something to be not trusted and not belonging to the “us” that we identify with. This secondary block is also rooted in fear. Fear is how we’ve been conditioned throughout our life.

Releasing blocks is releasing fear and that involves becoming vulnerable which is one of the greatest fears we have. It involves surrender — something that we’ve been taught all our lives is a very bad thing. Releasing blocks is a matter of turning off the defense mechanisms of the mind/ego complex and becoming an empty vessel through which universal consciousness can flow through. It’s a matter of surrendering and allowing the universal consciousness from which we were created to flow through us and express through us. This scares the living crap out of almost everyone.

But this is true creative expression. Everything else is just mental masturbation. Everything else is just a block of true creative expression. Sure, the noggin can come up with plenty of stories but those stories are always limited by the fears, judgments, positioning and conditioning of the mind/ego complex. Universal consciousness is jam-packed with unlimited creative stories just waiting to come through. But we block that off and instead put forth a stream of detritus from the files of our noggin — and most of us even block this from happening. All because of fear.

There is unlimited music and joy flowing through us from universal forces and when we can release our fears we can dance and sing, expressing that joy out into this screwed up physical world. It is fear and the identification of the mind/ego as who we think we are that blocks this. We fear too much and we think too much. We are afraid to get naked and we are afraid to express our true divine nature. This fear is the root of all blocks we have, whether artistic or otherwise.

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