I find that really shocking.
Jack Preston King

As far as I know that publication has not been approved for allowing locked stories. It’s just a standard publication form email for asking for a story to be included in a publication. I think it’s the same form used across the board but I may be wrong. Anyway, it’s a publication that I really like and I have no problem with them at all. It’s the Medium system that has the problem.

Jack, you are certainly right about it being Ev’s platform and he can certainly do as he wishes and, yes, at least he is not fighting us fiction-lovers and is ‘tolerating’ us. Asking him to fight FOR us is no doubt asking too much. Sometimes I wish there was a platform just like Medium that was devoted to literary fiction and poetry where that fiction and poetry is not hidden in a bottomless abyss away from readers’ eyes. Maybe some day some wealthy entrepreneur will address that need. In the meantime Medium is still the best system going.

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