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Here is one idea:

Open up two browser windows to Medium. In one window click on “Write a New Story.” You can title your new story something like, “All My Sixties Stories.” You can add a sub-title something like “Follow my Sixties stories in order,” or whatever you want. And you can add a photo.

Then go to your second browser window and go to your first story. Copy the url of that page then go back to your other browser window and paste that url into your new story, “All My Sixties Stories.” A delightful box will appear that links to that first story. Then go back to the second browser window and go to your second story. Again, copy the url then go back to your new “All My Sixties Stories” and paste that url under the url for the first story. Again a delightful box will appear linking to your second story.

Repeat this process until you have links to all your stories (in order) on that one page. As you write new stories in the series go back to your “All My Sixties Stories” page and edit it to add a link to the next new story.

By doing this you are creating an index to all your stories in that series on one page and you direct people to that specific page so they can see links to all the stories in the series (in order). The next thing you’ll want to do is go to your profile page and scroll to your “All My Sixties Stories” page listing. To the bottom right you’ll see a little downward arrow. Click on that and then click on “pin to top of profile page” (or whatever it exactly says). This will move and pin your “All My Sixties Stories” index page to the top of your profile.

You may also wish to go back and edit each of the stories to add a link at the bottom of the page that goes directly to the next story in the series.

Doing this, you can provide just one url to your entire series of stories (your “All My Sixties Stories” index page). People can go to this page and if they haven’t read any of the stories they can click on the link to the first story and read it and then click through to the next and next and so forth. Or they can go to the index page and see where they left off and click on the next story. By going to this new index page people can see links to the entire series and be sure not to miss one.

I hope this helps. There are probably other ideas for this out there, too.

S Lynn Knight if you are reading this, it may be something that can be incorporated into the Weekly Knob. A page can be created for each weekly prompt listing all the stories published for that prompt. Each index page of prompts can have a tag like, ‘All Prompts,’ and the publication page can have a link at the top that goes to all the index pages and people will be able to go to each individual prompt index page to read all the submitted stories. (Just an idea.)

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