That day in the doctor’s office…..
White Feather

I am going to attempt to respond to responses to both this article and the tie-in article of mine, The Gift of Cancer, to which some responded to in addition to this article…..

“ Your story is remarkable. I am a firm believer in miracles, the effects of energy on health, and the power of nature. But, I’m not sure in your situation if I would have been quite so brave. You are amazing. I likely would have gotten a second opinion, gone with whichever doctor made the most sense, then supplemented with nature walks….when I wasn’t sick from the treatments!” — Randomly Me

Actually, my story really isn’t that remarkable. I have met or connected with several people since my ordeal as well as before my ordeal who underwent similar choices.

I’m a firm believer in miracles, too, but I don’t consider my healing to have been a miracle any more than the myriad of miracles that happen on a daily basis, most of which we blissfully remain unaware of. ‘Miracle’ is a word that most people truly don’t understand. Miracles only seem miraculous in contrast to our disbelief in miracles.

I don’t consider myself as having been brave at all. To be brave is to stand up against fear. I didn’t stand up to fear. I turned my back to it.

I did, in fact, get numerous second opinions but none of those opinions came from within the Western medical establishment. More on this in a minute…..

Dheeraj Dhobley asked me in a response, “Did you check whether you still have cancer?” I gave him a very curt response, “Why the hell would I do that?”

It is actually the perfect response but allow me to now further elucidate…..

A medical doctor told me that I had 6 to 12 months to live and I emphatically refused to accept that. Why, pray tell, would I go back to that same doctor to ask him if I still had cancer? Seriously? If I didn’t accept his first proclamation why would I accept any further proclamation? The one and only reason I would go back for further diagnosis would be fear.

(Even if his diagnosis was 100% accurate — which it was not — I didn’t want to spend the last year of my life being sick every single day from chemotherapy. I wanted to live whatever time I had left living life as joyously as I could. This choice was a big part of my recovery.)

In my article, The Gift of Cancer, I stated that it is all about energy. So let me talk about two forms of mental energy.

Both types of energy are conditioned mental reactions.

We are taught and conditioned from a very early age to ALWAYS believe whatever a doctor tells us. We are taught and conditioned to never, ever, ever, ever, ever question what a doctor tells us.

For a doctor to tell a patient that they have x amount of time to live is profoundly and utterly immoral. It should be against the law. Any doctor who gives such a prognosis should be stripped of their license to practice medicine and should be publicly flogged in the nearest town square. (Just my opinion.)

Since we have been taught and conditioned to believe what ever a doctor says, most humans will accept that diagnosis. Numerous studies have shown that most patients fulfill that prophecy given to them by their doctors (many to the exact day). I had an aunt who was told by her doctor that she had 6 months to live and she died EXACTLY six months later to the day from when her doctor told her that. We are taught and conditioned to never, ever, ever, ever question what a doctor says and we will obey what ever they say.

I chose not to.

The second form of energy I wish to talk about goes hand in hand with the mental conditioning we’ve all been put through about obeying our doctors.

This form of energy is called, the power of suggestion. Never underestimate the power of suggestion. You can take two humans of the same age and overall health who smoke cigarettes and put them in two different rooms.

Smoker #1 is put in room #1 and told to smoke as many cigarettes as they want as they sit down and look out the window at a beautiful scene of nature.

Smoker #2 is put in room #2 and told to smoke as many cigarettes as they want as they sit down and look out the window at a beautiful scene of nature. Except in room #2 the smoker is not alone. Standing next to him/her is the Surgeon General. As smoker #2 tries to enjoy his/her smoke while peering out at nature the Surgeon General repeats over and over and over that smoker #2 will die if they smoke. The Surgeon General never stops repeating this line of suggestion.

Smoker #2 is a thousand times more likely to die from smoking than smoker #1. Scientific tests have actually proven this to be true. (Cancer deaths from smoking significantly increased after the Surgeon General’s warnings were put on cigarette packaging.)

From early childhood we have been taught and conditioned to believe what ever we are told and to never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever question it.

In my experience with cancer I merely CHOSE to not believe what I was told. I personally don’t consider that to be remarkable but in light of how strongly most humans are conditioned it may very well be remarkable. But it was really just a simple choice.

“ …..but I think it requires complete faith….” — Randomly Me

I disagree. I think it required a complete, total release of all faith. I obviously had no faith in what my doctor told me but I also had zero faith in what I was doing. I had no faith that some miracle would occur. I had no faith in some higher power that was going to swoop in and cure me. And I certainly had no faith that I would be able to cure myself.

I had no faith whatsoever.


It was not a matter of having faith — I had none. It was a matter of making a choice.

But first I had to realize the choice that was before me. I could utilize the cancer that presented itself to me in order to get out of my body and move on….. Or I could choose to stay in this life and learn the lessons the cancer was presenting in order to learn and evolve beyond my current state and move on to learning further lessons as I embrace life over death. I could see the gift I was giving myself through this cancer and accept the gift and learn from it or I could turn a blind eye to that and check out — only to be presented with the same lesson in some future life.

When one sees the ultimate choice presented one obviously and earnestly seeks other opinions. For me, that meant looking outside of established Western medicine.

At the time of my cancer diagnosis I had already learned that every physical ailment had a metaphysical cause. Western medicine vehemently denies this because anything metaphysical is non-physical and therefore not quantifiable. Western medicine works strictly out of the left half of the brain and rudely dismisses anything that cannot be quantified through reason and observable facts. Western medicine does not acknowledge anything that cannot be observed under a microscope and their answer to every situation is either drugs or surgery.

For decades I have owned a little, tiny 83 page book by Louise L. Hay called, ‘Heal Your Body.’ I have gone through numerous book purges but I will never get rid of this fantastic little book. It has proven itself to be accurate countless times over several decades.

After coming home from the doctor and his horrible diagnosis I got out this book and looked up cancer. This is what it said as to the metaphysical cause; “Deep hurt. Longstanding resentment. Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds.”

I instantly realized what was at the core of my manifesting cancer in my body. It was so incredibly apparent. This realization was a HUGE part of my recovery. (It’s a long, long story that I won’t get into now.)

Once I realized this I knew what I had to release. And it was by no means easy but I put a lot of conscious effort into it.

Releasing this was a very major step in my recovery. But release is only ever one half of the equation. We can release but we must also embrace.

It is through my nature walks that I realized what it was that I needed to embrace. It was simply….. life!

No where is there more life than in nature.

But I realized that I had to bring more “life into my life” in other areas beside nature. I had to bring life into every single aspect of my life, from human relationships, to eating, to sleeping, to everyday habits, to communication and expression, to shopping, to driving, to walking, to work, to entertainment, to cleaning and housework, to meeting strangers on the street, and even to communicating on the internet…..

I had to embrace life in every way that I could. To do so is to make a choice. We can all make choices in our noggins but that is only declaring a choice. One makes a choice with one’s every action.

I searched for second opinions everywhere I could think to look. I researched alternative treatments, I read numerous books and watched numerous videos, I personally talked with people who ‘beat’ cancer, I even researched the astrology of my situation (which actually confirmed everything that I was learning), and I silenced my mind which never wanted to shut up in order to ask spirit for answers. I looked within.

But I refused to believe any of the answers I was being given. If I wasn’t going to believe my doctor, I wasn’t going to believe anything else, either. Once you believe something — once you have faith in something — then you immediately close yourself off to anything else. I remained open to everything and I took in everything but I refused to believe anything. I ALWAYS questioned everything that I came upon (just like I did my doctor).

Taking in an incredible amount of information, I realized that it all came down to….. choice. All the information I derived from the outside as well as from within were just signs pointing me in the direction of….. choice. No amount of information was going to help in any way until I consciously made that choice. And that choice is a choice between life and death. MAKING THE CHOICE is what begins to create the outcome. The conscious act of choosing is one of the most powerful of our divine abilities.

But we are taught and conditioned to allow others to make that choice for us. And never question the choice made for us. We give our divine power away. Any and all healing is a step leading us back to our divine power of choice. But it is not just illness and disease that lead us back to our divine power of choice. Everything in our life does. It is only when we continue to ignore this path towards choice that we manifest some disease or cancer or affliction or accident that forces us to look at that choice. We all will be eventually forced to make this choice. The wonderful thing is that we don’t have to wait until we are forced to. We can make it in every moment of our days.