Open Letter to President Barack Obama After Witnessing Last Night’s Police Attack on Standing Rock
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

I miss the days when America used to be a democracy and protected the human rights of its citizens. Those days are long gone. When an insatiably greedy Texas oil billionaire can create his own army and brutally fight the Native American peoples while the President looks the other way and pretends nothing is happening then we know that everything America stands for has been thrown out the window in favor of corporate fascism.

Humans can live without gasoline but they cannot live without drinkable water. President Obama does not seem to understand this. Or perhaps he does and his vehement refusal to do anything to stop the bloodshed of the Native American peoples shows that he does not care about their lives as much as he cares about the profits of the oil and gas industry — an industry that is actively and knowingly destroying the planet.

“Profit before people.” It’s the new American motto.

I also sent a letter to the President although I doubt it will ever reach his ears and make any difference. He seems to have made up his mind and his vehement refusal to take any action to stop the bloodshed reveals the choice he has made.

I voted for the guy twice and now feel so utterly and profoundly betrayed.

People complain about the vile hatred towards minorities that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. But Barack Obama’s silence and inaction is just as despicable.