Really appreciate your insights, White Feather — mirrors what I too have thought for many years.
Michael Haupt

I wish I could give you a definitive time table regarding gender energy cycles but I really can’t. Looking back over recent history shows a hodge-podge of mini-cycles within larger cycles. By ‘recent history’ I mean the last 2,000 or so years. My gut feeling is that these gender energy cycles are much longer in duration and we must pull back and look at much larger slices of time.

Looking at it through the lens of history and science, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when the directional change of the pendulum occurs because the energies are very similar just before and just after the directional change. It’s not something that happens overnight. And the same goes for that wondrous null point of balance when the pendulum is in the middle. We feel that balance for quite some time both before and after the pendulum passes through that area of balance.

So really all I can give you is my intuitive gut reaction, which is very subjective and not based whatsoever in history or science. That gut feeling is that the length of time for the pendulum to swing from one extreme to the other is approximately 5,400 years — give or take a few hundred years.

If that is correct — and I’m not saying it is — that would place our most recent passing through the middle balance point occurred around 2,700 years ago. That is when we left the female energy dominated half of the journey and entered the male half. The male energy slowly intensified from that point until it peaked in approximately the 1940's and 1950's, at which point the pendulum began heading in the other direction.

We’ve only been headed in the other direction for about sixty or seventy years so we are still knee-deep in male energy but it has been long enough for the female energy to begin waking up and asserting itself. Meanwhile, on deep levels the male energy feels itself waning and is being very defensive in its futile attempt at holding on to its dominance.

On our approximately 2,640 year journey to the middle null point of balance things will get better with each passing year as the male energy subsides and the female energy increases. It’s a long process of calibration that will see us go through numerous sub-cycles just like we went through on the 2,700 year journey from balance towards maximum male energy dominance. (The Renaissance was such a sub-cycle; a time when male energy was blossoming in a positive way because there was still enough female energy to flavor it, so to speak. But that ratio of energy changed, pulling us out of the cycle into new cycles with much stronger male energy.)

In that 2,700 year journey from balance to extreme (in either direction) we go through incremental ratios of energy. In our current journey we move from 100% male energy dominance and 0% female to 95% male and 5% female. We then slowly move to 90/10 then 85/15 then 80/20 then 75/25 and so on until we eventually get to 50/50.

Each new ratio brings about a shift in mass awareness that affects humanity, throwing it into a new sub-cycle of expression. All of these sub-cycles are temporary, of course, because the ratio continues to change bringing about newer shifts in mass awareness.

I realize that it is rather depressing to think that balance seems so far away. 2,700 years is a long time when viewed from the lifetime of individual humans. Seen from a macro viewpoint it doesn’t appear quite so long, especially in regard to the huge amount of conscious evolution we’ll be going through over the course of those years.

It would be nice to snap our fingers and instantly find balance but humankind is a mass organism comprised of billions of cells and that mass changes slowly. The good news is that each of us individually can go within to find balance. We may still be constrained by the heaviness of mass consciousness but as a handful of spiritual teachers have shown us, we can move beyond those mass constraints and find balance within ourselves. The more individuals who do this, the easier it becomes for the mass of humankind to move through the ratios of energy towards a mass balance.

I may be woefully optimistic and I may be thoroughly incorrect about the length of these mass energy cycles but I am convinced that each of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm. During the course of our lifetime we go through our own cycles that mirror the larger cycles of humankind. We all have the opportunity to find energy balance within ourselves and that is where it is best to place our focus. If we are totally focused on bringing about balance in the outside world then we are neglecting our own inner self and our efforts in the outside world may be futile. The focus needs to be on finding balance within ourselves and the closer we get to finding that balance within, the more fruitful our efforts will be in bringing about change in society at large.