Context isn’t really limiting and isn’t our very existence poised by our limitations.
Eric Floresca

I would say that most all creativity is enhanced under constraints. Constraints awaken a desire to go beyond the constraints and creativity is a natural pathway.

We actually have two lens; the lens of intellect and reason and the lens of the true observer self which, from a position outside of our minds, observes our mind.

When we see from this position we realize that all constraints are illusory roadblocks that we, ourselves, have placed upon our path. Each roadblock is an opportunity to look towards the infinite field of infinite possibilities and probabilities and creatively forge a path of adventure.

Yes, most people are always using reasoning and context based on experience. Sadly, they remain unaware of their other lens. But that is changing as the mass human consciousness vibratory frequency increases. Our roadblocks are tools we use to help eventually force us to detach from the mind and become aware of and start seeing through the other lens.

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