Oops! My Hair is Turning Grey! Help!
Lakshmi Mitter

In ages past, gray hair was considered a sign of wisdom and spiritual maturity. One was never truly mature until one had gray hair. Of course, I’ve had gray hair for decades now and I’m still working on the mature part. To me, it seems that one is not really mature until one no longer cares how they are judged by others; until they no longer feel compelled to put up a facade to the world, until they feel comfortable being their true selves. Our current society is all about false images, false identities….about ‘brand.’ Our society is based on ego and structured on egoic judgment. I would prefer it if people would quit hiding behinds masks. I wish they would take off the layers of toxic make-up, leave off the toxic chemical hair coloring and just be themselves. But self-judgment and fear of judgment from others prevents them from doing so. We are a society swimming in fear utilizing ego to defend against that fear. We live in fear behind the images we put forth. Be fearless!

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