I personally believe it’s time for us to start questioning the structure, culture, hierarchy of…
Michael Haupt

In the reality of duality in which we live pendulums are forever swinging back and forth between polar opposites. In humans the collective pendulum that swings back and forth between the gender duality of male and female energy has been moving on the male half of the swing now for a few thousands of years.

Personally, I feel that the pendulum has already attained maximum reach on the male side and is now in the process of moving back towards female energy. Of course, the change in direction of that pendulum is somewhat recent and we have a long way to go before we, once again, enter female energy territory. But that is where we are briskly headed towards.

The ideal situation is that mid-point balance of energy where male and female energy is basically equal and balanced. We long for that balance yet deep down we know that we will proceed right past it towards female dominance. Of course, that is nothing to worry about because it will take a few thousand years to reach female energy dominance.

But collectively we yearn for that sweet balance between polarities because that point of balance is a huge window through which we can all make a quantum leap in our spiritual evolution. The null point between polarities is always a window, an opportunity, to expand beyond limiting dualities.

With the direction of energy having already shifted and now headed in the opposite direction of where it had been going for so very, very long, we all collectively feel the pull in that other direction which ignites our yearning for balance. We can react to this in two ways.

We can react in a male way by collectively trying to force balance in our structures.

Or we can react in a female way by opening up to, allowing, and surrendering to that natural balance that will eventually wash over us as we move into it.

This is something that must happen first individually before it can happen on a mass collective scale. We must all first begin to release the intense male conditioning that has shaped our lives, our society and the structures of our society. We cannot bring about balance by forcing it, which is a male methodology. We cannot force it, legislate it, shame people into it, or simply ordain it.

We must surrender to it. To surrender means to cease all resistance.

Resistance is a male energy attribute. Surrender is a female energy attribute.

For many centuries humans have been conditioned to believe that surrender is a very, very bad thing. We have been taught that we must always strive to win and that losing is synonymous to surrender. But the win/lose duality is not the same as the male/female duality. The win/lose duality is a duality within male energy and has nothing to do with surrender. But the intense dominance of male energy has conditioned everyone (both male and female) to equate surrender with losing and we have been taught that losing is very, very bad.

It is the win/lose duality that we must fully release. This is the duality of competition that our male dominant society is utterly based on. We are afraid to release that duality because we think our entire civilization would collapse without it. We have been conditioned from infancy to believe that all of life is a competition and our purpose in life is to be a winner and not a loser.

But as we move back towards female energy, if we can release the male paradigm of competition we can begin to open up to, allow, and surrender to the female paradigm of cooperation and sharing. And yes, our society will radically change. For those refusing to release the old paradigms it will seem like a collapse of society but for those who consciously release those old male paradigms and then surrender to the new female paradigms it will seem like a rejuvenation and blossoming of society.

Resist or surrender. Which one of those methodologies one chooses determines how difficult life will be in the coming years for them.

It starts within each individual human and from there moves out through the many levels and structures of society. It must happen within before it manifests without. (In both men AND women.) The fiercely male competitive nature of all our social structures (government, politics, religion, sports, relationships, AND BUSINESS!) will slowly collapse as we move into more cooperative, intuitive, empathetic and loving female energy. We can resist that natural change of energy (causing friction and conflict) or we can surrender to it and be a part of the flowering of natural human evolution.

No matter how we react to the change in energy, that change is happening. Each of us has the free will to choose how we react to it. It is a choice we will all eventually face. Resist or surrender.

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