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Sonny and Talia

Cars, women, sex, violence, and erectile dysfunction

Like every American teenage boy, Andrew wanted his own car. In the years before Andrew was even old enough to get a driver’s permit his father would take him out to the driveway in front of the family suburban home to teach him about cars. The classroom was his father’s 1957 Chevy which his father bought in 1957 — the same year Andrew was born — and which he had maintained in pristine condition for 14 years.

Andrew’s father was a military veteran of World War Two. He also spent a year in Korea. He retired from military service after almost 30 years. In 1968 he was given a choice of either retiring or going to Vietnam. He chose retirement because he was an extreme pacifist. (Being an extreme pacifist was one of the few things Andrew had in common with his father.)

When asked about his time spent in the military during World War Two, Andrew’s father would first and foremost proclaim that during his entire time during the war he never, ever killed anyone or even struck or hurt anyone. It was what he was most proud of.

But how is this even possible one might ask? It is because Andrew’s father worked in the motor pool. He was never anywhere near the front lines. His entire military career was spent working on and fixing jeeps, trucks and tanks. And to this end he became an expert. He was a bona fide, award-winning expert on the workings of the internal combustion engine.

So every Sunday morning for over two years Andrew’s father took him out to the driveway in front of their American suburban home and raised the hood of his 1957 Chevy. He was now retired from the military and his current job had nothing whatsoever to do with vehicles so those Sunday mornings were his last chance to become a teacher again. After the big war and after Korea Andrew’s father had become a teacher in the military. He taught classes of new military recruits on the workings of the internal combustion engine. He was an extremely popular teacher and after one year of classes his students presented him with a silver-plated cam-shaft from a tank to be used as a pointer to point at the chalkboard in his classes. Andrew’s father kept that pointer wrapped in linen in a special box in his closet and would bring it out on rare occasions to show off to distant relatives or friends who visited the family home. It was one of his most cherished possessions.

Andrew’s father never brought out that special pointer during his classes on the workings of the internal combustion engine with Andrew on the driveway in front of their home, though. The pointer was too special for that.

But Andrew’s father would never allow Andrew to get a driver’s permit until Andrew was thoroughly educated on how to maintain a vehicle. With Andrew and his father bent over the engine of the 1957 Chevy, his father would point with his finger and explain the function of every bit of machinery under the hood. He showed Andrew how to check and change the oil, how to change the spark plugs, how to clean the carburetor, how to check the transmission, how to check and change the fan belts, how to maintain the radiator and how to maintain the electrical system. He also taught him how to change tires and how to perform any emergency functions.

The whole time Andrew’s father was teaching him about how cars worked, Andrew listened and followed instructions and even got yucky, messy oil on his hands — which he hated. But all the information his father was imparting to him essentially went in one ear and out the other.

All Andrew wanted was his own car to drive!

On his sixteenth birthday Andrew’s father took him to the DMV to get his driver’s permit. His father then commenced to teach Andrew how to drive a car (now that Andrew supposedly knew exactly how a car worked).

Andrew immediately got a part-time job working at a fast-food hamburger joint and saved every penny that he could so that he could buy his first car. After his father inspected the car, Andrew bought a used 1970 Dodge Coronet. It was in near-mint condition. Andrew immediately poured most all of his minimum wage earnings on the car. He bought wax and wax cloths, he bought Armor-all for the tires, he bought plush seat covers, and he bought a top-of-the-line 8-track player (as well as plenty of 8-tracks of the most popular music of the time).

Andrew was 16 years old and a virgin. Like all American teenage boys knew, you can’t lose your virginity unless you have a car.

Two days after losing his virginity, almost a year later, Andrew, after a night of heavy drinking, wrapped his beloved Dodge Coronet around a telephone pole. Covered in blood, Andrew climbed out of the window of the driver’s side door (the door would not open) and he fell to the ground. He staggered up and began walking away. After about ten paces he turned around and looked back at the remains of his car. The hood was compressed like an accordian and steam was coming out of the engine. The windshield was shattered and the roof of the car was caved in with part of a telephone pole atop it. The front tires had exploded and were now flat. The front headlights were still on, shining paths of light through the steam pouring out of the engine. “All the money and work I put into that car and it’s all gone in an instant!” he thought to himself. Turning around, Andrew walked away. At the time he did not realize how lucky he was to have survived the crash.

Andrew went through three more cars over the next four years; a Chevy, a Ford and a Pontiac. He never once opened the hoods of any of those cars in order to perform any necessary maintenance. He never once got oil on his hands.

At the age of 19 Andrew was working as a manager in a fast-food chicken joint. One of his cooks was a young 18-year-old Mexican American named Sonny. Sonny was an extraordinarily happy young man who was always smiling and cracking jokes. And he was also extraordinarily good-looking. Females flocked to him like moths to a bug-zapper.

Andrew was also immediately attracted to Sonny, though not in a sexual way. They became instant friends. It’s like they had known each other in past-lives or something. They were constantly cracking each other up and they were finishing each others’ sentences. They began going out drinking together after work and eventually Andrew turned Sonny on to marijuana. They became, not only drinking buddies, but smoking buddies. After work they would drive out into the desert with a bucket of chicken and get stoned and drunk and eat fried chicken and laugh until they were almost sick.

Under Andrew’s tutelage Sonny soon became a fried chicken expert. But before that even happened Sonny was already an expert at fixing cars. It was something that he’d been doing since he was a young teenager. It was one of the biggest things that separated Andrew and Sonny. While Andrew hated everything about fixing cars, Sonny thoroughly loved working on cars. On two different occasions Andrew’s old Pontiac broke down and he called Sonny to come help him and both times Sonny came and got Andrew’s car running again. Andrew was eternally grateful — especially since he didn’t have to get oil on his hands.

Something else that Andrew and Sonny did not have in common was their view of violence. Like his father, Andrew was an extreme pacifist. Through 12 years of school not once did Andrew ever punch another boy and not once was his face ever punched by another boy. Not once in his 19 years of existence did Andrew ever engage in violence with another human. Several times Andrew had stood up to bullies and dared them to punch him while proclaiming that he would not punch them back and every time the bully backed down. He wasn’t just a pacifist but an extreme one.

Sonny, on the other hand, loved violence. He loved nothing more than getting into a fist fight. He not only loved punching but also being punched. He loved being battered up and bloodied as he pummeled those he got into a fight with. When in a confrontation with other males he had no fear. And the lure of a fight was like an aphrodisiac to him. And he had the scars to prove it.

Despite this glaring difference in their overall makeup, Andrew and Sonny were the best of friends.

Sonny’s nickname was Donkey. To understand his nickname all one had to do was look down at the incredible bulge in the crotch of Sonny’s pants. He obviously had an enormous penis. It was impossible to miss. Andrew noticed but he managed to successfully avert his eyes.

One drunken Saturday night out in the desert Sonny felt he needed to explain his nickname to Andrew. He explained that he was born with a birth defect. He explained that there are two muscles on either side of the penis that control the penis. When it is cold these muscles pull the penis within the body. When it is hot and when the body is sexually aroused these muscles relax, allowing an erection. Sonny was born without these muscles so his penis was always completely out in the open, so to speak. It was the exact same size when it was limp as when it was hard.

Andrew really did not want to know this but at the same time he was relieved to know that the ‘giant’ penis in Sonny’s crotch didn’t get even bigger when he was sexually aroused. With his ordinary, normal penis, that would have placed Andrew in a state of perpetual inferiority. It was something that could never be resolved with fisticuffs — which, of course, Andrew was resolutely against.

And then came the day when Andrew was relocated to a fried chicken outlet on the other end of town.

Not seeing each other every day at work, Andrew and Sonny spent far less time together. They were slowly splitting apart and going their separate ways.

It was at the new fast-food chicken joint that Andrew met Talia. Talia was an 18-year-old model wannabe. She had been going to modeling school and she already had a couple of photo shoots and one TV commercial under her belt. But she still wasn’t making enough money modeling to give up her gig at the chicken joint.

The very second Andrew and Talia made eye contact they were instantly in love. At least that is how Andrew remembered it. In less than 48 hours they were having sex and within just one month they were married.

It was like Andrew boldly stepped into a whole new dimension.

It was not until after Andrew and Talia were married for a few months that they finally learned much about each other. They had so much in common, not the least of which was insatiable lust. They both became utterly raw from all the love-making. But they slowly learned that there was a gaping incongruity in their make-ups. It turned out that Talia was a lover of violence and, as previously mentioned, Andrew was an extreme pacifist.

This turned out to be the wedge that split them apart. And part of that wedge turned out to be played by Sonny.

While Andrew was falling hopelessly into a state of lust with Talia, what he did not realize — thanks to the cessation of communication — was that Sonny had fallen hopelessly in love with a girl named Rebecca. It was months before Andrew and Sonny ever spoke to each other again.

While in the bottomless pit of lust Andrew often thought about Sonny. He wondered what Sonny was up to and he desperately wanted to show off his hot new young wife to him. After a few months he finally called up Sonny and invited him out to dinner with him and his new hot wife.

Sonny showed up alone and the three of them had a wonderful dinner at a local pizza joint. The three of them seemed so utterly compatible.

Andrew was glad that Talia liked his best buddy. And he was glad that Sonny liked his new wife. And he was glad to be back in contact with his best buddy.

Once home, Talia asked Andrew what the deal was with the enormous crotch that Sonny sported. Reluctantly and hesitantly, Andrew explained Sonny’s genitals. He immediately regretted it.

The marriage between Andrew and Talia continued as did the passion between them. They fucked liked rabbits.

And then came that fateful day. Andrew and Talia were both at the peak of sexual arousal and they were both naked and they were on the very brink of coitus when Talia suddenly said, “Stop!”

No word is more vexing to a man with an erection.

With her hand on his chest, Talia said with an air of domination, “I don’t just want you to fuck me. I want you to first beat the hell out of me. Beat me with all you’ve got then fuck me. Beat me up, goddam it!”

Those two muscles on either side of Andrew’s penis immediately clamped up and any semblance of an erection was immediately gone. Andrew fell off to the side of Talia, facing away from her. He was an extreme pacifist. He had explained that to her. Why did she not get it?

Talia then proceeded to call Andrew a wuss and a pussy and every other derogatory term a woman can volley at a man.

It was the beginning of the end.

Their lovemaking returned to normal the following day, except without the usual passion. There were no longer any calls for violence from Talia. But Andrew realized that is what she wanted. He very quickly developed erectile dysfunction.

But the marriage continued and from the outside it looked normal. Everything seemed okey-dokey. And Andrew and Talia continued to have lunch or dinner with Sonny every couple of weeks. Surely Sonny had no idea of the strife that had entered Andrew’s marriage. Andrew and Talia both seemed to hide it.

And then one night Andrew and Talia had just finished a home-cooked meal (cooked by Andrew) and were about to start watching a movie on their TV when the phone suddenly rang.

Andrew answered. It was Jerry, a casual acquaintance of both Andrew and Sonny.

“Did you hear about the fight?”

“What fight?” Andrew inquired.

Talia’s attention immediately turned to Andrew and the phone call. She stepped right up to Andrew.

“Well, apparently Sonny was at the club and he got into some altercation. Then, when he went down to the parking garage the gang was waiting for him. Supposedly, someone came up behind him and whacked him across the head with a tire iron.”

Talia was suddenly in Andrews’ face, “What fight?”

Andrew covered the phone with his hand and replied to Talia, “Apparently Sonny was in some fight and was whacked across the head with a tire iron and is now in the hospital.”

Andrew pulled his hand away from the phone and resumed his conversation with Jerry, “So what’s the deal, man?”

Jerry continued, “Well, apparently Sonny’s in the hospital in some kind of coma or something and they’re not sure if he’s gonna make it!”

Through his peripheral vision Andrew could tell that his wife Talia was moving frantically about. She gathered a few things and was quickly out the door.

“Thanks, Jerry, for calling me. I’m on my way to the hospital!”

Hanging up the phone, Andrew kicked off his flip-flops and quickly put on real shoes. He then ran through the apartment gathering up his wallet, his cigarettes and lighter, and his car keys. He was quickly out the door and racing down the stairs leading up to the apartment.

When Andrew got to the parking lot he realized that Talia’s car was gone. She was already on her way to the hospital. What the hell?

Andrew quickly got into his car, backed out of his parking space, then squealed out of the parking lot on the way to the hospital.

Once at the hospital Andrew checked in at the main desk to find out where Sonny was. He then ran to the elevator. Getting on the elevator, he punched the button for the third floor. While on the short elevator ride he thought about Sonny. Sonny was probably the closest male friend he ever had. He silently prayed for Sonny.

Getting off the elevator, Andrew walked very briskly down the hallway until he got to Sonny’s room. He was about to enter Sonny’s room when he saw that Talia was sitting next to Sonny’s bed and she was holding Sonny’s hand and crying uncontrollably. In his comatose state, Sonny was completely unresponsive.

Andrew had not been heard as he almost entered the room. He quietly backtracked into the hallway. He quietly walked back down the hallway and then back towards Sonny’s room. It was as he did this that he suddenly realized that his wife Talia and his best friend Sonny had been having an affair.

When Andrew came back to the entrance to Sonny’s room he saw the same scene. Sonny was completely unresponsive in a coma-like state and Talia was holding his hand and crying uncontrollably.

Andrew took a long, hard look at the scene and then turned and left the hospital. It was the very last time her ever saw Sonny.

Six weeks later at the courthouse when Andrew and Talia showed up for the divorce proceedings was the last time he ever saw Talia.

Very soon thereafter Andrew quit his job. He gathered together his most vital possessions and threw them into his Pontiac and, without telling anyone that he was leaving, he left town. He left everything of his life behind.

He drove for a few hundred miles and then stopped in some small city because he was exhausted from driving. He decided that this new town would be where he would start his new life. He went out the very next day to find a job. To his surprise he found a job the very next day at some fast-food taco joint. He took the job and after just a couple of months was offered a management position, which he accepted.

Andrew loved having totally disappeared from everything and everyone he knew in order to start a brand new life. But it wasn’t long before his Pontiac started acting up. He knew the car was on its last legs but he wasn’t about to open the hood to see what was wrong. There was no way he was going to get oil on his hands.

And then he found out that someone he worked with was selling their Dodge Charger. They apparently were desperate for some immediate cash. Andrew talked to the guy and saw the car he was selling. It was a cherry Dodge Charger that could easily have sold for 3 or 4 grand.

“Why on earth are you selling this wonderful car for so cheap?” Andrew asked the fellow.

“I need to come up with a grand really fast.”

“Well, let me try to sell my Pontiac and then I’ll get back to you.”

To his surprise, Andrew was able to sell his Pontiac for 300 bucks the very next day. He then combined that with the 700 bucks he had saved from his new job and bought the Dodge Charger.

The Dodge Charger reminded Andrew of his first car; the Dodge Coronet that he bought as a teenager and which he wrapped around a telephone pole. It reminded him of the freedom he suddenly acquired with the purchase of that Dodge Coronet. To Andrew, buying that Dodge Charger in its very cherry condition was like starting all over again. It was like he was being given a second chance at life. And he didn’t even need his dad to tell him what a good deal it was. (After all, his dad had since died and was no longer around to lecture him on cars.)

Andrew bought the Dodge Charger and drove it around for almost a year. He got laid several times over that year and there was no violence involved. His life had reached a turning point and had proceeded beyond that point.

And then one day Andrew was driving home on the freeway when he suddenly got a flat tire. He pulled off the highway onto the side of the road. He got out of the car and looked at the flat tire. He knew that all he had to do was pop open the trunk and get out the spare tire, the jack and the tire iron and he could be soon on his way again. He knew exactly what to do.

But he just stood there staring at the flat tire. After several minutes of staring at the flat tire he made a decision. He got back into the car to collect his personal things; his sunglasses, his papers out of the glove compartment and his cigarettes and lighter.

Andrew exited the car, slamming the car door shut behind him as he walked off. After about twenty paces Andrew stopped and turned around. He stared at the car as if to forever imprint it on his memory.

He then turned around and proceeded to walk the remaining 4 miles to his home. He was suddenly truly free for the first time in his life. Like his ex-wife who he never saw again and his best friend who he never saw again, Andrew turned his back and abandoned on the side of the road that Dodge Charger and he never saw it again.

Copyright by White Feather. All Rights Reserved. This is a work of fiction.

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