That day in the doctor’s office…..
White Feather

Thank you, Gail Boenning for your kind words. There really is only one person who needed to be taught by this experience and that was me. Everyone experiences cancer or anything else in their own way for their own lessons. My way is most definitely not the best way for everybody. It may only be the best way for me.

I almost never talk about my cancer ordeal. Most people I know have no earthly idea that I ever went through that. To talk about it gives it energy and makes it part of my identity. I’d rather put my energy into life. When I read Randomly Me ‘s post I was utterly delighted to read some ‘truth’ that personally resonated with me and something inside me prompted me to share my story in validation of Randomly Me’s post. If it helps anyone that is purely accidental and certainly not intentional. I wasn’t giving advice; I was merely sharing my own bizarre experience as a further way of releasing it.

By the way, if anyone is interested in more of my thoughts on cancer here is a link to an article I recently wrote on Medium: The Gift of Cancer. I share some of what I learned without sharing my personal experience.

“ Did you check whether you still have cancer?” — Dheeraj Dhobley

Why the hell would I do that?