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Randomly Me

That day in the doctor’s office…..

Randomly Me I thoroughly loved your very short and to the point post. An enormous amount of wisdom was conveyed in those short words. That doctor that gave that advice was a very rare angel.

Six and a half years ago my own doctor gave me very, very different advice. He said, “You are in the very advanced stages of cancer and you have between 6 and 12 months to live. I want to immediately start a twelve-month program of chemotherapy that will give you a 10% chance of surviving beyond those time parameters.”


The doctor then gave me 5 stapled sheets of paper that listed all the side effects of the chemotherapy I would be taking. Just taking a cursory glance over those pages I realized that I would be intensely ill for the next 12 months.

“So after being incredibly sick for the next 12 months I then have a 10% chance of still living?” I asked.

The doctor nodded affirmatively as he got out his prescription pad and commenced writing prescriptions for drugs that would alleviate the side effects of the chemotherapy — and, of course, these drugs had their own side effects which were not listed on those five pages.

I held out my right hand, palm outward, as though attempting to stop traffic and I rather forcefully said, “Stop!”

The doctor stopped scribbling on his prescription pad and looked at me.

That is when I said perhaps the most intense, profound thing I’ve ever said in my life. Looking into my doctor’s eyes, I told him to go f*ck himself.

The pen fell out of his hands onto the floor.

I then turned around and walked out of his office and out of the hospital and I have never looked back.

Now, six and a half years later, I am joyously cancer-free. I not only saved almost a hundred thousand dollars on chemotherapy and drugs and other therapy but I am healthier than I’ve been all my life. I turned that 10% chance of living more than a year and turned it into a chance to live to one hundred. I defied what my doctor told me and CHOSE to live instead.

I turned my back on medical science and decided to be healed by nature. When I left my doctor’s office I had no idea how I would be healed but I knew there was a greater power and I would submit to that power.

That power turned out to be nature. I asked my spirit guides, my intuition…. I asked God what I should do. And the answer I was given was that I should get out of my head and go for walks in nature.

And so I did.

Luckily, the town where I am currently living has a delightful nature trail as well as a large park with five ponds and trails going around all those ponds. I began taking 3 to 4 walks out in nature every single day. Each walk would be between 45 minutes and 2 hours long. I became a nature-walking fool.

Before commencing on each walk I would take 3 deep breaths and clear my noggin of all thinking. I then took my walks with an empty mind. I became an empty vessel for nature to flow through me. I didn’t just observe the nature around me but I felt it flow through me, cleaning me out. I was acutely aware of every sound and smell and sight and feeling. I luxuriated in every sensation nature had to offer me. I surrendered completely to the incredible power of nature.

It utterly changed my life. And it healed me.

I learned that when we live utterly detached from nature, immersed in the endless loop patterns of the thoughts running incessantly through our minds, that we are living in a very toxic and acidic reality. We are cut off from the paradise of the real world; from nature. It’s no wonder there is so much cancer in our society.

The patterns of my life completely changed. Every one of my days revolved around my nature walks. In between my nature walks I would sit down at my laptop and write. Surprisingly, my writing completely changed. Instead of being an expression of the hamster wheel of thought-based life, my writing became a purgation of toxins. It was a release of those endless loop patterns of thought that had ruled my life. It became an expression of my return to nature; both the nature of the natural world and the nature of my true essence. I had been writing for decades but now, like my life, my writing radically changed.

Yes, I also changed my diet for the better….. slightly. I didn’t get radical enough to give up meat, although I decreased my intake of it. I didn’t become a fully fledged vegan radical diet kind of guy. I only gave up a few things and simply ate more naturally. But I also ate more consciously and mindfully. I tried to eat without letting those endless mind loops go running incessantly through my mind while I ate. I tried to eat with an empty mind and an openness to joy just as how I walked through nature.

There were two main aspects of my healing; allowing nature to flow through me and heal me, and shutting off the toxic mind loop patterns that played continuously in my noggin. These two aspects were equally important.

And they worked!

Randomly Me I can say with utmost sincerity that the advice the doctor in your post gave is the answer for most all maladies. It is the basis for healing. It certainly worked for me anyway.

I also want to add one more thing. That day in my doctor’s office was the very last time I ever verbally used the ‘F’ word. I have since realized that that word is not only very toxic but very acidic. It affects every aspect of our being. Cancer can only survive in a toxic and acidic environment. Remove the toxicity and acidity and the cancer withers away. I have never used that word since that day….. well, except for that one time last year when I stubbed my toe.

Everything that we think, say, do, or feel creates the environment of our being in which we live. When we can get out of our thoughts and attitudes and emotions and become an empty vessel through which nature and divine consciousness can flow then we can heal and begin to truly live. I have gone for a nature walk every single day since that fateful day in my doctor’s office. Not only was my cancer completely cured but I became a whole new person.