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The Angel and the Pier

And the waters of humankind

In the summer Gerald would leave the house after eating the breakfast his mother prepared for him. In the cool early morning hours he could sit on the pier at the lake without other kids being around. That early morning alone time out in nature was very important to him.

That was when he could have some uninterrupted alone time with HER. It was while he sat on the pier looking out over the small lake in the cool, still morning air that he could feel her presence. Sometimes when he talked to her she would answer. But whether or not she spoke he could always sense her.

Gerald was not sure who she was. Maybe she was the spirit of Mother Nature. Maybe she was an angel. Maybe she was HIS guardian angel. Who ever she was, she emanated an intense soothing love.

He always felt at peace in her presence. He always felt loved. When other kids or adults came near him she seemed to vanish. Gerald never felt the same kind of love coming from other humans as he felt coming from HER.

Once, the previous summer, he went to the lake during the heat of the afternoon when the park was filled with children playing. They were riding their bikes on the dirt path around the lake, some were playing catch, some were playing on the playground that was situated a short distance from the lake, and a few boys were skipping rocks across the lake.

Walking alone through the many children, Gerald saw that there was no one on the pier so he headed in that direction. He did not feel like playing. Once on the pier he stood at the very edge and simply looked out over the lake, taking in the beauty of it.

“Hey there, Gerry Fairy. Whatchya doin’?”

Gerald turned around to see two boys walking on the pier towards him.

“You too good to play with anyone? Just hear to contemplate your navel?”


Before he knew it, the two boys pushed Gerald off the pier into the water. He had never learned how to swim so he immediately began to panic. Luckily, he soon realized that the water was not very deep at that point and he was able to walk out of the lake. In his sopping wet clothes he ran home as the two boys laughed.

It was the very next day after that incident when Gerald went out to the lake for the first time early in the morning when there were no kids around. And it was that morning when he first encountered HER.

He sat down on the pier in the very spot where he had been standing the day before when he had been pushed in the lake. He looked out over the peaceful lake. The only sound he could hear was birdsong and the very subtle lapping of water against the posts of the pier. He became very relaxed and filled with peace.

And then tingles seemed to race throughout his body. He could feel a very strong energy.

And then he heard a soft woman’s voice, “I am here with you.”

Gerald looked around to see where the voice was coming from but he saw that he was alone. He sat there for a long time simply feeling HER energy. She said nothing else and after a while HER energy seemed to slowly dissipate and he went home.

Almost every day after that when he did not have to go to school in the morning Gerald would walk to the lake and sit on the pier hoping to feel HER energy. And she was almost always there.

Usually, he just sat there basking in HER wondrous energy but sometimes he would talk to her in his head. She did not always answer him but occasionally she did.

Once he asked why he felt so uncomfortable around other kids.

“It’s because you are uncomfortable with your self. You must love your self as I love you then you will be able to love all other people the same way, too.”

Gerald thought about that for months. It seemed like the hardest thing in the world to do.

Once he did not even say anything to HER when she suddenly said, “Those two boys who pushed you in the water were showing you something. If you need to be pushed someone will come along to push you. Do not fear the waters of humankind.”

Gerald thought about that for months, too.

One morning in the summer after Gerald first encountered HER he was sitting on the pier luxuriating in HER presence. He turned and looked around him in all directions. There was not another human at the lake.

Swinging his legs up onto the pier, he took off his tennis shoes and socks. He then stood up and once again looked all around him to make sure there was no one around. He then proceeded to take off his outer clothes. Underneath his clothes he was wearing his swim trunks.

He stepped back a few paces from the edge of the pier. Looking around once again to make sure no one was watching him, he then ran to the edge of the pier and jumped with all his might into the lake.

Once in the water he instinctively began kicking his legs and waving his arms. He realized that he was not sinking. He then propelled himself forward and he moved forward in the water. He turned around and kicked his way in the other direction. Gerald then turned and kicked his way further out into the lake.

He was swimming! He was swimming!