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The H2O Metaphor

The missing element of the equation

We are multidimensional beings. We live in two dimensions simultaneously, although, for the most part, we are only aware of one of them. We live both in the dimension of form and the dimension of formlessness. The dimension of formlessness is a one-ness principle and essentially it contains only one thing; pure consciousness. A part of us exists in this dimension of formlessness and one-ness and we can call that part our true self. That is the part of us that first entered this multidimensional reality.

The dimension of form is a duality principle and therefore is divided into two parts; outer and inner form. Outer form consists of all the physical 3-D objects that we can see; the trees, the cars, the buildings, the birds, the grass, the rocks, the mountains, the clouds, and our bodies, to name a few. Inner form consists of thoughts and emotions.

To operate in the dimension of forms we use both inner and outer forms. With our mind, body, and ego we create forms (thought-forms and emotions) in the realm of inner forms and then act upon them in the realm of outer form to create and build physical things and react with physical things. We also react to physical forms in the realm of inner form through our thoughts and emotions. The realms of inner and outer form are what we consider to be our reality and we deal almost exclusively with these two realms in our lives. We identify these two realms as our reality and we consider our self to be that part of us which operates in these two realms. Through a lifetime of conditioning we have learned to use the ego to coordinate between these two realms of form and we have come to identify with that ego as to who we are. In the process we have completely lost touch with that part of us that exists in the dimension of pure formlessness, which is our true original self.

We can use water as a metaphor. Water consists of two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. The two molecules of hydrogen can represent the two realms of the dimension of form (inner and outer form) and the one molecule of oxygen can represent the dimension of formlessness. The two molecules of hydrogen can represent duality and the one molecule of oxygen can represent one-ness. We originally came from a state of one-ness and we entered the state of duality with the purpose of merging the two states in order experience our selves and life in a new way.

If you have got two molecules of hydrogen and nothing else then nothing is really going to happen. You have simply got two molecules of hydrogen. If you have got one molecule of oxygen, once again nothing is going to happen. You have just got one molecule sitting around. But when you combine the two molecules of hydrogen with the one molecule of oxygen you suddenly have water! Water is the giver of life! But you need all three molecules.

Likewise, when you combine the two parts of the realm of form with one part of the realm of formlessness you suddenly have life in its fullest divine form. You have divine life in a body with access to divine consciousness. But you need all three parts!

Over the years, though, humans have identified more and more with their egos and in the process have cut themselves off to one-ness and their original true self (the observer, or witness) which exists as pure consciousness in the dimension of formlessness. To use the metaphor we can say that we have water that is extremely oxygen deprived. We have stagnant water! That is why we are miserable, that is why we struggle, that is why we have war, that is why we are depressed, that is why we advance so slowly in our evolution, that is why we feel unfulfilled. It is because we identify with our ego as to who we are and we are letting the ego run the show when the ego is just supposed to coordinate things between the realms of form (inner and outer).

It is our true self that is supposed to be running things. It can run and coordinate things in all three parts — all the parts of us. Running from a duality principle, the ego can only run the two realms of form. It is incapable of understanding or experiencing one-ness (where our true self resides). In order to have pure wonderful water we need to bring that oxygen back into the equation. We have to reconnect with the one-ness that our true self brings; we have to reconnect to our true self.

There are two main things that keep us from reconnecting with our true selves. One is our identification with our false self, or the ego. To move our identification from our false self to our true self we simply need to become aware of the ego and how we identify with it and let it run things. Once we are aware we can then expand our awareness to reopen a connection with our true self. There is no need to kill the ego. We just need to expand our awareness of it and realize how we identify with it.

The other thing keeping us from reconnecting is time. Not only do we have a false identification with self but we have also developed, through mass belief, a false identification with the illusion of linear time. Our identification with this illusory form of time is so strong that both realms of the dimension of form (inner and outer) essentially run on this false time. Our true self, however, exists in the one-ness of the dimension of formlessness. This dimension uses true time, or simultaneous time, also known as the NOW.

The only way to connect with our true self is in the NOW!

To sum things up, to bring the three parts of our reality together into a wholeness we need to expand our awareness of the ego/false self and reconnect with our true selves through the NOW. Like the three molecules of water, when we have all three parts of our reality in full proportion then we have life in its fullest and we can live and create like the divine multidimensional beings that we are.

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