I just returned to this and enjoyed it even more on a second reading.
Ronald C. Flores-Gunkle

Trust me, Ronald C. Flores-Gunkle I am still very needy. I’m working very hard on trying to release that but I have quite a ways to go.

I am very impressed with your 2000 views in a month. I consider myself lucky to get 300 and I consider myself even luckier to get 40 reads out of those 300 views. One of my recent stories has zero views, zero reads but for some strange reason it has one recommend. How does that work? It has never been viewed or read yet someone recommended it?! The only thing of importance on my Stats page is the ‘read’ column. I would much rather have one ‘read’ and zero green heart recommends than zero ‘reads’ and one recommend.

That darn Stats page is cruel. I don’t like looking at all those zeroes. I’m thinking of boycotting it. But alas, I am just too needy. I need to see some numbers. When will I ever learn?

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