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Violet , sadly, I don’t remember how I went about it. I had opened my account with Donorbox probably around a year ago. It just sounded so perfect but I never got around to playing with it. It sat unused for a long time until I started seeing all the PayPalme links going up on Medium. I suddenly remembered that this was what Donorbox was all about and that I was already set up with them.

As for getting a Stripe account, I don’t remember any of that. Gosh, maybe I have a Stripe account floating about somewhere as I speak. That’s interesting.

Anyway, I must apologize for being no help to you. Half the time I don’t know what I’m talking about and the other half of the time I don’t remember what I was talking about.

Just kidding.

One thing I do remember is the light bulb going off in my noggin upon seeing so many Medium writers utilizing the many different technologies available to allow for readers to donate to writers of words they are moved by. All the writers doing this are effectively changing the essential nature of Medium. I think this movement is a direct result of The Wall. In it lies solutions overlooked by Medium. Through this new wave of donation options readers and writers can get closer without a middle man between them. They can take back choice into their own hands. It’s awesome!

Getting back to your question, my Donorbox account is linked to the website url of my Medium publication, Writer On Foot Getting Bread. It seems to work. Hopefully you have a geek/nerd friend who can tell you why your url is not working. I am sadly without a clue. I do hold hope, however, that you figure it out and join this new wave of People Power.

…. Power to the people, right on….

My latest rant: Public tree-hugging is NOT illegal!