What If?
Tom Farr

“What if?” like just about everything, is a two-sided coin. It can be a breeding ground for innovation and discovery but flip that coin over and it becomes a breeding ground for apathy, ennui, depression and hopelessness. The “What if?” question becomes….. “What if I work hard and I fail? What if I pick the wrong thing? What if I love but am not loved back? What if all my dreams are hopeless? What if the world ends tomorrow?”

“What if?” is a two-sided mirror through which we try to view the infinite field of possibilities and probabilities. We see what we have been conditioned to see. And we accept it without question.

In the natural cyclic order of things, things keep turning into their opposite and then back again. Question marks become exclamation points, which, in turn, become question marks, etc.

The problem, obviously, is with punctuation.

Or, perhaps, it’s a matter of putting the mirror down and seeing what’s on the other side. “What if?” becomes, “What is!” In the flip of a coin there lies a balance. It’s a null point through which we can enter directly into the very field of infinite possibilities and probabilities without the “What if?” filters. That is when things really get good. It’s a matter of going beyond the two sides of the coin and immersing ourselves into the flipping of the coin.

We’ve simply got to flip out……

….. or something like that.

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