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The Smiling Office Angel
A tale of non-conventional office culture

The Couple Who Could Not Sit Still
Sex without borders

Being the Comfort
On comfort zones and nails

The Empty Field of Peace
A different kind of battle outcome

Nostalgia and Horror
And a cup of coffee to go

Gifts From Herself
A day filled with new things

The Christmas Eve Olfactory Terrorist Attack
More attacks are planned

Longing For a Different World
Love and adventure underground

The Friendly Show
S1, E1 — The Tamale Lady

An Empire Released
By the woman who changed it

Saving a Small Town
The old-fashioned way

Logan’s Walk
When it’s hard to move your legs

The Silent Teacher
Who may or may not still be alive

Encounter With a Pickup Truck
Finding warmth in a cold world

The Great Turkey Fiasco of ‘65
Everyone’s memory of that Thanksgiving was different

Snowy Creek Motel
The tale of room number 9

The Wheelchair in the Swamp
A shocking discovery made by kids riding bikes

A Final Tree-hug
A big city good-bye

Story Deluge
It’s really coming down

Having Coffee With the Boyfriend
It was in no way a normal date

Teenage Girl in the Forest
What happened on the way home from school

The Cow and the Mosquito
And their diabolical plan!

The Baggage Wagon
How much are we hauling around from life to life?

How a Bird Changed Samantha’s Life
Helping her to break out of her zone

The Excuses Experiment
And the astonishing results

When Gavin Greeley Died
A flash tale of indifference in the workplace

The Ending and the Beginning
On the cusp of change

A Clean Slate
Moving across the country

Singing For Grandpa
Singing it forward

A Falling Leaf
Experiencing childhood musical trauma

When the Geese Fly
Prayers in a season of change

When Hummingbirds Attack
Four Santa Clauses walk into a bar

The Love Cabin
Not exactly the trip to the mountains they had expected

The Productivity Rule
Expansion and scale. Quantity over quality.

The Great San Francisco Wall
And the Great San Francisco Purge. A dystopian tale set in 2030.

Never-ending Catastrophe
Not your typical day at the park

The Angel and the Pier
And the waters of humankind

A Painter’s Forest
And how the painter’s life changed

Canyon Music
Soul connections to land

Family Meeting
When Grandma shared her news

The New Job
The freaking new job!

Finding Peace
At the end of conflict

The Whooping Crane Saga
A crazy story about talking birds and women who wear hats

The Woman Who Got Arrested
And the women who followed her

The Woman Who Laughed a Lot
It drove her husband cuckoo bananas

The Man Who Followed People
We all need a hobby

Longing For Paradise
Seeking renewal at the lake

Living on a Volcano
The importance of sitting around a campfire

Fighting Over Dead Celebrities
Or, ‘How To Ruin a Marriage’

The Best Ice Cream Ever
A story about freedom

Rain Music
Wet trans-dimensional auditory portals

King of the Hill
A Capitalist playground story

The Little Green Puppy
A bedtime story for humans

The Hand Holders
A radically different kind of love

What You Resist, Persists
A flash short story about an old farmer named Yulka

The Gas Station
Remembering the future

The Avenue
Artful jaywalking

Wally and His Lesbian Cousin Wendy
Over forty years later…

Writer’s Rehab
The first day of the rest of a writer’s life

Pompous Angels
And the planet that sucks them in

Deathbed Epiphany
Thirty years of forgiving others was not enough

Retracing His Steps
A journey leading back to the present

The Drunken Baseball Psychic
A story from the baseball twilight zone

The Girl Who Started an Art Revolution
And forever changed Athena Falls, Iowa

Full Moon in Costa Rica
A jeep, a goat, a full moon, and a trip to the shaman’s house

God’s Mirror
Awakening with a full bladder

A Certain Field of Dreams
A story about some weary travelers, a real estate agent and an energy vortex

The Death of a Rose Bush
And a home from the past

The Bay
The story of Rolina and the piano player

The Backwards Tale of Two Track Stars
And a frustrated master of ceremonies

That Damn Moon!
The frustrating journey of a misogynist

The Virginity Deadline
The day Marcus Crawley tried to become a man

Colder Than a….
A little boy goes for a walk in subzero temperatures

The story of a city-dweller and wild hyenas

Saving the Planet
A story about a computer geek, a junkie and an encounter at Dairy Queen

Santa Claus In a Pickup Truck
When Christmas turned sideways

The Goddess Within Her
And the light flowing out of her

Tribe of One
Jeremy just didn’t get it. This is his story

Ephemeral Beaches
The pendulum and the archaeologist

The Clothes of Our Perceptions
Gerard gets naked

Road Trip With a Dog
Oh! The incredible joy! The excitement!

Meadow of Silence
A place for listening

Repeatedly Mending a Broken Heart
What is the connection between music and love

The Purple Planet
A tale about some bored Gods

Houseplant Apocalypse
A plant-based near-death experience

Javier’s Aversion To Scarves
Love and resistance across centuries

Hanging Laundry
A story about mountains and socks

A Disgusting Halloween Story
Pizza delivery and trick-or-treaters

The Handkerchief and the Geese
Unstoppable tears

Snooze Button Man
And his beautiful mouth

Annie and the Train
Moving past the past

How to Trigger a Nuclear Explosion
The instructions go viral

Road Trip With an Angel
A short story about fun, fun, fun!

Rosalinda and the Psychic
The revelation of a kiss

The Blonde in the Red Sports Car
A sexy birthday story

Life’s a Beach
And then you cry (A morning at the beach that will make you smile.)

57 Chevy
A short trip into childhood

Valley of Visions
What the hell was I doing in California?

Feather Mojo
The death of an invincible warrior

Sonny and Talia
Cars, women, sex, violence, and erectile dysfunction

And his Airstream trailer

Garlic Freak
Warding off phantoms

Remembering Alimaka
A joyful tale of trans-dimensional teamwork

Refrigerator Nazi
Terror at the dinner table

Cold Turkey
When writing is an addiction

Serial Killer at Large
The case of the mysterious salt shakers

The Old Man and His Snippers
How an entire neighborhood was affected

Tipping is Not a City in China
The writer versus the musician

Running With Ideas
It was a matter of urgency

Running Away From Battle
Will war ever end?

The Dog’s Water
Epiphany at the liquor store

Stepping On Legos
When siblings become writers

The Bookstore and the Feather Duster
Eddie’s bookstore experience

The Notebook and the Vomit
A writer’s story

Family Pandemonium
The hole, the bird, the cat, and the wolf-dog

Performance Anxiety
The horrifying moments just before the big concert

The Harmonica
The gift of love and music

Tribal Scenarios
A story about sub-soul-group A22 and the land where people forget

The Snowy Mountain
A story about knocking on doors

Past-life in Japan
A story about a man who kept running away

Throwing Rocks
What happened one day out at the lake

A Little Spider Story
How do you react to spiders?

Willow Branches
Childhood adventures with the Great Mother

The Doorknob Bromance
A story about friendship

An artist searching for faces

A Life-changing Cup of Coffee
It was cold and Roger needed a cup of joe

The Sound of Geese Landing On Water
A profound discussion on a park bench

Novels and Serializations

Bernadette’s Rainbow Adventures (A novel)
Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 7

The White Pelican Bookshop Chronicles (Short stories)
Episode 1: Writing On Water
Episode 2: The Young and the Old (Coming soon)

Non-fiction (articles, essays, memoirs, etc.)

Aligning With Freedom
Reconnecting to our life spark

Being Pulled Through Fear
By a dead dog

Does Your Wiener Cut the Mustard?
Memories of a train station in Europe

Love Stuff
What we are made of

Happy Artists
Painting our days away

The Idiot Who Refused to Fight
Don’t be that idiot!

Singing on the Toilet
And other things I learned today

A Song in My Head
How did it get there?

Duality and Choice
Finding and entering the center null point

Apparently I Smell
And someone is okay with that

The Core Entity Cell
And the tunnel of white light

Looking For Balance In All the Right Places
How balanced is your balance?

Cycles, Aspects and Life Changes
Important decisions to be made

‘For the Rest of the Year’
A positive New Year’s Eve

Are Your Ficus Trees Getting Enough Wind?
Not your typical indoor gardening advice

Wolves, Warriors and Sweat-lodges
A Native American bundle — All my Native American stories in one place

Loving Haters
It is about energy

Santa’s Annual Headache
Bad acting didn’t ruin our Christmas

The Upcoming Rejuvenation Cycle
It will be powerful!

Every Christmas Needs a Comedian
On the most important yuletide ingredient

Letting My Hair Down
And drinking coffee for a change

Reverse Shoplifting
Have you ever tried it?

The Greatest Choice
Loving our enemies

A Christmas Present For My Noggin
And other important news and updates

Closure As the Fog Settles In
The mini movie marathon continues

When Hummingbirds Attack
4 Santa Clauses Walk Into a Bar…

Three Wise Men and a Baby
Part 2 of a story I wrote last year

Epiphanies Are Like Earthquakes
There always seem to be aftershocks

The Day After Christmas
99 years ago

Eat, Pray, Laundry
They’re not going to make a movie about this

Blizzard, Schmizzard
A very brief dispatch from the pasture

One of the most important functions of the human body

The Year of the Lemon
It was fabulous. It was life-altering!

Playing Peek-a-boo With a Friend
Moments of joy amidst the chaos

Off the Top of My Head
Some things I am thankful for

Fifteen Titles
And not a story in sight

Grounded By Girls
Or: How to shop for a nine-year-old

My Daughter’s Secret Trick To Success
She had the mojo

Playing Catch With Your Mate
The couples therapy no one is talking about

Zen and the Art of Bowling
My father was a secret Zen Master

Is It a Poem Or a Shopping List?
What closer scrutiny reveals

There’s a Frog On My Table
And how it changed everything

So Far Away
Carole King and Rod Stewart duke it out

Two Different Kinds of Bird-lovers
The wolf and the owl

The Importance of Water in Retail — Part 2 of Retail Mojo
More advice on creating a magical retail experience

Olfactory Marketing — Part 1 of Retail Mojo
(It has nothing to do with factories)

Something Freaky Is Happening
A surreal morning

Countdown Update
And the first snow of the season

The Paths We Are On
Where are you going?

Conversations in the Noggin
Who are we talking to?

A Banana a Day
Keeps the horse pistol away

The Horrific Pricking
SPOILER ALERT: I’m a cactus freak

Countdown to Change
Snippets of early October observations

Epiphany Lost
Will it come back?

The Next Week and a Half
Will surely be HUGE

The Real Writer
What are we letting through?

A Genitals-free World
What is the answer?

A Sad Mick Jagger Story
No sex was involved

The Real Writer
What are we letting through?

Just Five More Minutes!
The snooze button of life

Pumpkins and Butterflies
Stop, look, listen, and smell

The Female Christ Speaks
This is HER story

My Real Ten Things List (No Lies)
Dang it, I got tagged

Life is a Window Sill
What are you looking at?

The Bactrian Camel Blunder
Everyone makes mistakes, right?

Bite Me
A story about the power of words

9 Lies About Me No One Knows
And one true fact (Can you tell which one it is?)

The Time I Ran For Office
On politics, humiliation and having fun

Everything is Different Today
And I’m trying to figure out what happened

A Journey of Gods
And the remembering of where we are going

Seeing Through Raindrops
I am so lucky!

A roller coaster retrospective

Finding Success By Doing What You Love?
Is that really the best advice?

My Love of Washing Dishes
What does this say about me?

Hawks and Doves and Dreams
The drama continues

French Toast is NOT French
And other culinary curiosities

Rice Pudding
A teddy bear, laundromat horror story

Rocket Man
An Elton John story

Oneness, Separation and Individuation
A process of self-awareness

Talking to the Universe on the Internet
Connections to land and people

New Birds in the Neighborhood
At least for now

Just Waiting on a Decision
And it is I who must make it

A Cricket Cacophony
Opening the windows after a thunderstorm

Photography Mojo
An Ansel Adams story

Encounter With a Hawk
Messages from spirit

The Totality of a Hurricane
Utilizing energy for transformation

Our Creative Journey
Learning how infinitely powerful we are

Decisions of Change
Marching alone and together through our fears

Morning Glory
And glory all day long

Form and Formless
Becoming aware of and healing primal separation

The Mirror in Front of Our Faces
Just a big round ball of rock and cheese?

Disappointing Barry White
We all have to start somewhere

Staring Into the Eye of a Tornado
And why I almost never listen to the radio

Energy Cycles and Disease
Reconnecting to our bodies and the planet

What Is Your Founding Thought?
What thought resulted in you?

Are Words Like Clouds?
Can they ever be?

Apple Pandowdy
America’s forgotten dessert

Leap of Faith
Some thoughts on friendship

The Circus Outside My Window
Come see the amazing acrobats!

My Fat Childhood Friend
On body shaming, friendship and comedy

Tomato Frenzy
It’s like winning the lottery!

Don’t Suck in the Crowd
Restoring natural energy flow and relieving social anxiety

Spiritual Evolutionary Imperative
Consciousness becoming aware of itself

At What Time Of Day Were Your Born?
Do you even know? Does it even matter?

My daughter, me and Alanis Morissette

Silencing a Mother’s Voice
And finding peace in stillness

Whacked Over the Head With a Zen Stick
How to avoid a Zen whacking

Mushrooms and Toads
It happens every summer

The Sound of War
On celebrating the Fourth of July

The Truth About Fiction and Non-fiction
Let me tell you a little secret

When Lightning Strikes Very Close To You
Have you ever thought about death by lightning?

Fortune Cookies in Bookstores
A radical million dollar idea. Available here for free.

On Forest Mojo
And canopied tunnels of love

Personal and Planetary Transformation
Getting off the hamster wheel

God Does Not Have a Penis
And God does not have a vagina either

Goals and Intentions
And life

The Best Father’s Day Ever
Over a hundred million years ago

The Space in a Room
Feeling it and playing with it

America’s forgotten fruit

A Tree Without a Forest
Would you want to be one?

Rearranging Molecules
Outer space and inner space

Hurry Up and Shop!
Lessons from a grocery store

The word of the day, week, month…

Thank God It’s Friday on Monday
Was naming the days of the week a mistake?

Booking a Vacation on Planet Earth
The ultimate travel destination in the universe

Coming Into Money
Over two years of harness-free euphoria (Part Two)

Jobs, Unemployment and Ice Cream Cones
Getting out of the harness (Part One)

Waves in the Sea of Possibilities
How consciously aware are we of our actions?

Opportunities to Love
Do we jump at the challenge?

Comfort and Joy
Change is not a spectator sport

Green Chile Stew and Thunderstorms
Diary of a glorious day off (Writing or blabbering?)

Walking Lightly
Moving through the physical world

The Joys of Death
The importance of dying on a regular basis

The Birds, Buddha and a Flower
On the importance of laughter

Touching Our Grandness
Understanding both limitation and being unlimited

Looking For Crazy
A craving that I am feeling

A Little Song and Dance
On the power of silence

The Year I Ruled the World
A year of freedom and carpet burns

Imagine Being a Musical Instrument
What would you want streaming through you?

The Enchanted Flying Angel
And her distinctive geographic attributes

Keeping the Food On Our Plates Separated
And other childhood gastronomical idiosyncrasies

Not Seeing the Gorilla
Trying to stay connected

Perpetually Aggrieved
A ‘which cam first?’ kind of thing

Planting Sugar Cane
A profoundly back-breaking honeymoon

Straw Breeze
A cultural/horticultural epiphany at the beach

Writing Under the Influence
Olfactory euphoria and words than begin with the letter L

Two Sounds That Make Me Happy
Strange auditory pleasure

Painting in the Nude
With no sex or art involved

It’s May!
Orange you glad?

Pretty Hands
Surely not those of a construction worker

Tumbleweed Junction
A place in life where the wind blows

The Observer
Watching the mind games

Imagining a Place
Celebrating Independent Bookstore Day

The Difference Between Sucking and Blowing
Life, movement, direction and choice

My George Herbert Walker Bush Story
On food, parenting, TV, and presidents

The Arthritis Healer
Lessons from excruciating pain

My Personal Barbara Bush Story
It’s not exactly pretty

The Last Blizzard
Let the celebrating commence!

What is Divine Intervention?
And where does it come from?

The Builder
Finding joy at the hardware store

The Brutal Assassination of Daffodils
What is Mother Nature trying to tell me?

Turtle Island Questions
Going beyond the nature/technology conflict

Dreamland GPS
What kind of GPS do you use in the dream state?

The Brutal Murder of an American Redbud
Trees are people, too!

Imprinting With Joy
Vibratory frequency footprints leading us home

Instant Manifestation Fantasy
A fun little mind game

The Warrior and the Pacifist
One of the many dichotomies I live with

Human Energy Sources
Burning questions about creating and sourcing and being human

The Time My Dad Took Me to a Bar
And made me promise not to tell

What To Do With My Dead Body?
It is quite the conundrum

Birdies and Babies
And a big fat snake

How to Be a Quitter
It’s not as easy at it sounds

The American spelling

The Czechoslovakian Burrito
A culinary journey wrapped in a tortilla

How to Sleep Through Geometry Class
And still ace the final exam (A true story)

A powerful and free cure

The Date Went Well
An update to ‘My First Date in Many Years’

My First Date in Many Years
Dinner and music. I am so very excited.

The Correct Way to Eat French Fries
And there is only one correct way!

Ambition and Passion
Chemical and electrical

Name Tags and Lotto Tickets
On pacifism and beginner’s luck

Creating and the Void
Afraid of the emptiness of letting go

Active and Passive Seeing
Finding and moving passion

Divinity Mirrors
What are your reflecting and what are you seeing?

Fake Weather
Your forecast for today and every day

Motion and Flow
What happens when things stand still

Naming Cats
A self-help how-to guide

Messages Un-bottled
Seeing what is inside

Cooking is Like Playing With Legos
And the missing ingredient is….

My Valentine is a Dog
A both winning and losing story

Epiphany Blizzard
Have you ever experienced one?

Death, Time and Struggle
All death is suicide

The Other Side of Fear
Walking straight ahead instead of in circles

Joy and Abundance
Are we still looking at it all backwards?

The Donut in Our Belly
Re-vitalizing our solar-plexus

A Friend Unplugged
And trying to imagine doing it myself

Perpetual Motion
The significance of curiosity

Giving Advice
It can be a sucky job or it can be enlightening

Fueling the imagination

Abundance and People
What do you see in the mirror?

Christmas Without Kids?
What would that be like?

Economic, Spiritual & Sexual Harassment
Weinsteining the people and the people Weinsteining themselves

The Real Story of the 3 Wise Men
Christmas stories you may not know

The Collective American Male Ego
Are mass shootings a sign of what is to come on a global scale?

I Am a Parsley Freak
There, I just admitted it to the world

Joy Or Crisis?
A fun, tweaked way of looking at things

Sun Worshippers
A long ago ode to my cat

Christmas Presents That Inspire Death
What is under your tree?

The Somewhere Over the Rainbow Wedding
A little story about ties and ukuleles

When Reading Is Fun
On the lost art of reading aloud

Writing in the Shower
Clean writing advice

Ingrid Goes West
An alarming look at social media

It’s Halloween and It’s Snowing
And that is perfectly normal (apparently)

Bacon Grease Sandwiches
Have you ever had one?

Possible Solutions to Daylight Savings Time
The annual debate rages on

The Gratitude Mini-chakra
And how to activate it

Cooking in Our Genes
A look at generational inclinations

Leaf Stomping
A seasonal addiction

A Spoon in the Road
What the hell does that mean?

The Endless Fight
Throwing our energy away

Relationships With Our Bodies
What kind of relationship do you have?

Pushing the Joy Envelope
It takes dedicated training

Bubble Blabber:
Part 1: What is Real?
Part 2: Going Beyond Magnetism
Part 3: Bubble Theory
Part 4: Transforming Cancer
Part 5: Reacting or Responding?

Subtle mass killing connections

Coffee Schmoffee
They call me, ‘Weirdo’

She Throws Like a Boy
The mystery of the Vinny Castilla baseball

When the Sirens Go Off
What do you do?

What Have You Held in Your Hands Today?
A kooky listicle

Public Tree-hugging is Not Illegal!
Things will change when we all start doing it every day

13 Truths I Have Learned
Chili dogs are best eaten with a knife and fork

My Darling Ladybug
On marrying into theatre

Moon Tan
No, it’s not a rapper…. It’s about divine lunacy

A Typical Prairie Breeze
Tragedy on the windowsill

The Bookstores of the Future
Will have a cover charge to get in

The 5 Aphorisms of Life
Words on an index card

The Goose Poop Conflict
Nature versus the wrath of soccer moms

Brown Skies and Naked Trees
Sharing a world with birds

Predawn Bunny Encounter
Sidewalks are not just for people

Baby Girl Attacked By Wolves
As her father I could only watch

Jalapeno Soup
My secret is out

Write What You Know Nothing About
Writing advice contrary to everything you read on Medium

Victimology and Human Energy Dynamics
Looking for love in all the wrong places

Crazy Horse, St. Bernadette and Edgar Cayce
What did they have in common?

The Paths We Are On
Where are you going?

Turn Off the Radio and Start Singing
We are the medium

On timing and the orchestration of events

A Horrific Life-threating Experience
Just as I’m about to lose my Obamacare

Celebration and Contrast
Pondering solstices and celebrations

A Tale of Two White Christmases
Yuletide nostalgia

Does Your Wiener Cut the Mustard?
Memories of a train station in Europe

Barefoot in the Park
Being a conduit for healing, universal forces

The other part of Thanksgiving

Railroad Observations
At what time of year are the trains the loudest?

The Zucchini Girls and the Goat Wrangler
A delightful pro-active shopping adventur

Fried Baloney Sandwiches
When was the last time you ate one?

A Leaf Downpour
The Exorcist, naked women and naked trees

Pricks and Pain
On hot chile peppers, sexual arousal and hammers

Can Picnics Help Save the World?
Is this a crazy notion?

Harvest Moon
A sappy, romantic blabbering

Can Smoking Be Sacred?
Is what we do as important as how we do it?

Driving in the Car Without the Radio On
Do you listen to only one station?

On Conceiving and Birthing New Ideas
The importance of orgasmic states of consciousness

Conversation With a Psychic
My only friend in the state

A Nation (Or Me?) Divided
What direction am I headed towards?

Like Time Traveling Back to the 1950s
A place stuck in time

Walking Through the Fog Without Sticking My Thumb Out
An ode to the prairie

Neighborhood Eco-systems
Oasis on the prairie

What the Hell Am I Doing Here?
I’m trying to stop asking that question

Screen Masters
How much of your life do they rule?

Writer On Foot Getting Bread
What the heck does that mean?

Magic Carpet Cleaner, the Dog Turd and the Beholder
Three short essays on beauty

Truth Schmooth
What do you believe in?

Blessing a Nuclear Bomb
On the nature and art of blessing

Potato Chips and Jesus
How my atheist mother forced me to go to church

The Donkey Dick
On the power of words

Looking Directly Into the Sun
And other things I’m not supposed to say

The Best Way to Awaken in the Morning
Without birdsong the universe would collapse

Umbrellas and Sunscreen
A story about walking in the rain

One of My Favorite Holidays
And it has almost nothing to do with football

My Quest to Understand Female Energy
It’s been a long, unfinished journey

I Am the Son of a War Refugee
How I snuck into America inside my mother’s belly

Crazy Horse Races
Can we learn something from a dead Native American warrior?

I Don’t Know What Writer’s Block Is…
And that’s a lie

The Gift of Cancer
How on Earth can cancer be a gift?

Opa the Bread Thrower
Memories of Heidelberg

On Judgment and the Homeless Man
There is a better way

Listening Without Thinking
Some relationship advice

Abundance Is Giving
On the true nature of abundance

How Crazy Horse Treated Refugees
Some Native American wisdom to ponder today