Your experience with the wolves sounds amazing.
Aura Wilming

Yes, we used the amplification process to direction the energy towards other things and the wolves did not howl. They only howled when we directioned the amplified energy specifically at them.

Yes, unconditional love radiates out in all directions. And it is flowing through all things at all times. But what I learned is that it can indeed be amplified and directioned.

I realize that ‘direction is not a verb. The proper term would be, ‘direct.’ But there is a subtle difference. Much as if we were directing a play or a movie, the connotation of ‘direct’ is to influence that which we are ‘directing.’ With the exercise I mentioned the people are not influencing the energy but just amplifying it and pointing it in a certain direction. Unconditional love is an energy that cannot be influenced, only pointed in a certain direction. Whatever it is pointed at is already infused with unconditional love energy, as all things are, but by collectively directioning an amplified dose of that energy towards an object that object experiences a temporary vibratory increase of that energy which has an uplifting effect and increases the chances of transformation.

Group prayer sessions held for a sick person utilize this same directioning of energy and can be very effective. The way I see it, all energy can be pointed at something. Our bodies are instruments designed for this purpose. Unconditional love energy from our Source is constantly flowing through us at all times. We have the ability to direction it at anything we choose and we do this through the heart chakra.

Sadly, we have never been taught that and we’ve been conditioned to see it as unverifiable hooey. Our life’s conditioning keeps us in our heads instead of our hearts. We’ve been conditioned to operate out of analytical thinking, ego and emotions so we go around directioning those thoughts and emotions at everything instead of unconditional love. Our thoughts and emotions also have energy (though not nearly as intense as the vibratory frequency of unconditional love) and it is this mental and emotional energy that we are directioning out into the world. The result is a very thick energy mass of low vibratory frequency known as mass consciousness.

To switch from our heads to our hearts in order to direction unconditional love we need to switch off the never ending repetitive loops of thinking and emotions that are running constantly in our minds and bodies. In this state of stillness we can begin to become aware of and feel that unconditional love energy flowing through us from our Source. Then and only then can we begin to learn how to direction that energy towards everything and everyone we come into contact with. Prayer and sweat lodges are tools among many tools that can help us get into this state of awareness but they are not necessary. Once we have experienced this state then we can learn how to attain it at will through the cessation of thinking and emotions. (Unconditional love is NOT an emotion. Emotions are chemical reactions created within the body in response to thoughts thought in the noggin — and they are then projected outward. Unconditional love is not generated from within us as emotions are but rather it originates from our Source and then flows through us.)

Yes, it is the ‘directioned’ part that is hard for people to accept. It certainly was for me but my experiences have shown me that it is not only possible but it’s the secret to how we can transform our world. It’s the only way we can cut through mass consciousness in order to uplift our collective vibratory frequency.

Think of the sun. It radiates its energy out in all directions. With a mirror we can re-direction that energy and with a magnifying glass we can amplify it. Our physical bodies are mirrors and magnifying glasses that we haven’t fully learned to use yet because we are too stuck in our heads.

I know this sounds like a bunch of metaphysical mumbo jumbo woo woo. Words will never convince anyone as well as experience. We can’t think and rationalize our way to understanding and enlightenment. We can only feel our way there. Personally, I’ve found that thinking and rationalizing can be the thickest barriers to understanding and enlightenment and the less I think and rationalize, the closer I get — and believe me, I still have a long, long, long way to go. My problem is that I think way the heck too much. It’s not easy to shut off the noggin.

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