The most unusual writing advice you’ll ever get
Yann Girard

Yes, why don’t we just turn Medium into Twitter. We can write from the heart or we can write for the lowest common denominator as you suggest, Yann Girard. Go for quantity of hearts or quality that touches hearts. Quantity of hearts is obviously more important to you than the quality that goes beyond the ever-shrinking attention span of people’s noggins and reaches their hearts. I would much rather read a quality piece of lengthy writing than a banal, short piece designed solely for the click of a fake heart. Why must quantity always trump quality in social media? Is the quantity of hearts you receive for a post the sole reason you write? Are you in some kind of competition to receive more hearts than anyone else? Does the quantity of hearts you receive somehow validate your importance in some way? Does your pandering to the ever-shrinking attention span of internet readers correlate in any way to your attempt to shrink your own attention span in order to produce more, more, more posts in order to get more, more, more hearts in order to be some kind of ‘winner’ in a perceived ‘heart competition?’ With simple-minded one-paragraph posts, you can produce countless posts per day and garner countless little hearts and become king of the heart mountain. Of course then you will have to defend your position as king of the heart mountain by producing ever more posts than anyone else so you can keep getting ever more hearts than anyone else. I think I’d rather stick boiling hot pointed needles into my eyeballs before playing that silly game.